Lol – Riot bets on IBAI: The World 2022 final will be seen on its Twitch channel

Riot Games has opened doors progressively to collaborations with Streamers to broadcast the competitive matches of League of Legends. Some agreements that will rise in intensity on the occasion of the Worlds 2022. The company has chosen four content creators from around the world so that they can broadcast the championship final with live images. An extremely exclusive list that could not be missing IAI Llanos . In commentator and content creator will travel to San Francisco, where the game will take place for the title between DRX and T1, to carry out its live broadcast.


The World Cup final with live image on the IAI channel

IAI Llanos has announced on his Twitter account that he will be in the event and has announced who will be his three guests to broadcast the matches. He will travel accompanied by Nero , also creator of content; Quentin , former commentator of LVP and Eloy , professional player who played the competition with Mothers. The four will be present at a Chase Center that could see Faker collect their fourth world champion title or Deft get their great goal after almost ten years of professional career. The stage will be a luxury, exquisite narratives and the game could not be better.

The complete list of invited streamers is made up of the following creators…

  • Rita: China
  • Skunk: United States
  • Sancho & Mingy: South Korea
  • IAI: Spain

Thanks to this collaboration, the IAI channel will become the only option in Spanish to enjoy the game for the title of the World League of Legends championship with a retransmission Live from the same place where the event is celebrated . LVP will also issue the meeting as an official broadcast in Spanish. However, they will do so from their set of Barcelona and not in person at the San Francisco Chase Center. It remains in each one to choose who wants to enjoy the most important game of the year.

The final between T1 and DRX will begin next Sunday, November 6 at 1:00 a Spanish peninsular time . At that time an opening ceremony with live artists will take place that will occupy the minutes before the beginning of the games.

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