Five keys to ssins Creed Valhalla before the end of the history of Eivor

Almost two years have psed since ssin’s Creed Valhalla landed in stores to narrate Ivor’s Viking fanty. Ubisoft h continued updating the product and h offered constant news to the players, but Every story h an end, and that of the protagonist of this video game is already outlined in the Valhalla . With the next installment around the corner, the study prepares to say goodbye to Ivor.

The context of history

The Crow’s Clan leaves its Norway Native in search of a new home. The ships docked in England, the island on which they intend to plug a permanent camp. In the ninth century A.D., The Roman Empire is already history for 300 years , so only the ruins of its ancient splendor remain. In the British islands, Christian kingdoms do not live in harmony. Kings and nobles distribute the territory by force and fight in intestine wars to strengthen their power. That is the context that Ivor is from the beginning, so that he makes use of both his martial skills and his talent for diplomacy.

Ivor, leader of his people… and ally of the order of the hidden

Ivor is a member of the Crow’s clan, but will soon become his de facto leader. Nordic mythology is very present in the character’s life. In fact, h recurring visions in which Odin himself visualizes , a god for the Vikings, although he w actually one of the ISU, the race that created the human being. The protagonist of ssin’s Creed Valhalla runs to Bis, a murderous teacher who begins in the teachings of the creed. Since then, he will have to continue watching for the well-being of his people, but at the same time, meet the objectives set by his destiny in the order of the hidden (the brotherhood that later became the order of the murderers).

The expansions: new trips and horizons

ssin’s Creed Valhalla takes place in several locations , mainly Norway and England. However, during the adventure Vinland also visits, name by which the Vikings knew the current Canada and the United States. Indeed, this town arrived much earlier in America that Christopher Columbus and his fleet of Spanish conquerors.

Ubisoft’s production goes further and explores other places in its first two payment expansions: The wrath of the Druids takes place in Ireland, hostile territory because Dan’s children are wreaking havoc. Ivor should not only pacify the territory and control the reeyzuelos, but also deal with the problems caused by these mysterious shamans. The siege of Paris , the second expansion, portrays a France governed by a tyrant king. Although in ssin’s Creed we have seen the Paris of the French Revolution, it h nothing to do with this medieval version, built on the ruins of the Roman Empire.

we said, mythology is rooted in the history of the video game. Therefore, mythological kingdoms such gard or Rotunda materialize in the dreamlike dreams of Ivor, when the player controls Odin. The third and final expansion, The dawn of the Ragnarök , focuses its attention on the deity. Only he can face the horror that looms over Svartálfaheim, the kingdom of dwarves.

two years of free content

Ubisoft launched the game in November 2020, coinciding with the arrival of the new console generation. The open world RPG developed by Montreal’s studies-with the invaluable help of many others-already included a huge amount of content since day 1, but over these two years it h been nourishing stories Unpublished (Ivor h encountered Ksandra), periodic updates and new games modes.

The river looting were one of the first novelties to be implemented. Recruiting a crew, getting on board the Dakar ship, traveling unexplored rivers and attacking objectives to achieve rewards is an option for the most intrepid Vikings. The lovers of the mysteries have also been able to enter the tombs of the fallen , another of the modes that were added a posteriori. Perhaps the most ambitious of them is the forgotten saga, a Roguelike modality in which we control Odin. It is practically an independent game, with all the ingredients of the genre.

An outcome for the history of Ivor

At the end of ssin’s Creed Valhalla, it w perceived that there were still some loose documentary fringes.

Why did Ivor die where he died?
Many wondered.
We will obtain the answer in The Final Chapter, an arc that will close the story of the character and that will serve the end of its second year of post-launch content, which ultimately means that the next thing will already be the new game of
The saga, ssin’s Creed Mirage.
The DLC will come out in 2022, although Ubisoft h not yet specified when exactly.
ssin’s Creed Valhalla is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stadia.

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