Collaboration characters of FAKE TYPE and SAKANAMON also participate! Cute and pop asymmetric party game Gnyamon Star Play Repo [Zenji]

The 5th National Entertainment Festival was held at Kakamigahara Citizen Park in Gift Prefecture for two days on October 22 and 23. We will deliver the play repo of Bayamon Star , which was scheduled to be released on December 4th, which was exhibited at the Mutant booth.

◆ Asymmetric party game that can be enjoyed in both solo or party

This work is an asymmetric party game for PS5/Switch/Steam. Popular illustrator Tara Trade is designed for character design, featuring a cute and pop character.

Divided into three busters and one monster, and play with up to four people. The buster is a variety of weapons such as lasers, shotguns, and flaming radiators, and players fight with each other. If you defeat the Seoul to be obtained by defeating the undead that spawns on the stage, you will win the buster side.

The monster fights the buster with a deadly predation that keeps biting the opponent until he dies, and a powerful skill set for each monster. If the time limit has passed or the buster can be wiped out, it is a victory.

Episode Match and friends who play against players around the world Private Match has different game rules.

The episode match is a rule that allows you to choose the one you like for the buster and the monster, and the win or loss is determined in one game. The private match is a rule that you can taste more messy party games.

Instead of ending in one game, players who played multiple times and earned 100 million yen first won. Buster and monsters are randomly selected for each game, and you can get prizes according to the ranking of the match, so you will not cooperate between the busters deep strategies will also be important .

◆ Gun ya unique operation feeling

The character’s operability is unique to the Gun ya series, so you may need to get used to it at first. However, once you get used to it, there is no doubt that the cuteness of the character will be combined, and it will be addictive.

The use of jumping will be indispensable, as there are height differences on the map and there are places where there are no floors. In addition, there was a sense of expectation that acrobatic play would be possible if the operation was mastered.

Users who like FPS and TPS may be advantageous because the attack requires some aiming power.

In a serious battle, regardless of the enemy or friend, I stumbled on a pebble and fell down, and when I saw it waking up while fluttering, I was relaxed.

I couldn’t experience it in the trial, but because they are easy-to-attach characters, I’m worried about customization and strengthening elements.

In addition, this work has been decided to collaborate with popular artists such as fake type, super student, and sakanamon , and will implement monsters and busters that have been collaborated. The exciting collaboration development may be one of the charms of this work.

Cinnamon Star will be released on December 4th. Compatible with PS5/Switch/Steam cross-platform.

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