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The 2022 Halloween event arrived at My Hello Kitty Café, and a charming-native familiar face appeared with it-Kuromi! For those who wonder how to add Karimi to their staff and simultaneously unlock all its furniture in the style of Karimi, we will provide you. Continue to read a short guide below to learn more about Karimi and how to get it.

How to unlock Karimi in My Hello Kitty Café

Like any other unlocked character, Karimi can be obtained only by pulling out her card from the Geisha trading machine. is in the town café. To use the DACHA sales machine, you will need at least one DACHA ticket, which can usually be obtained by completing daily tasks. Keep in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that you will pull the Karimi out of the car, since each stretch occurs quite by accident.


How to unlock Karimi furniture in My Hello Kitty Café

All furniture in Karimi style can be found on the first floor of a shopping center located in the city. Unlike other furniture items that are sold in the shopping center, Karimi furniture cannot ** cannot be bought for diamonds or coins, and instead it needs to be pulled out of claws on the topic of Karimi.

Inside the shopping center there are two such special automatic machines with claws: one receives Geisha tickets and the other-coins. As expected, the Geisha Ticket machine offers best or more rare objects, while the machine with coins offers more basic or less rare objects and decor. You can buy once in a monetary machine for 3000 coins or five times in 15,000 coins, once at a time at a time or five times in five times in five times.

Who is Karimi?

For those who are not familiar with the line of the characters Mario, Karimi is a small white rabbit, which is described as a disorder, but behind her hard appearance she is actually very girlish. She likes to keep a diary and read love novels. Due to the aesthetics of her pink-black skull and mischievous appearance, Karimi became a favorite character in fans for those who identify themselves as Gothic, scene and emo.


This is all you need to know about how to get Karimi at My Hello Kitty Café! If you are interested in celebrating Halloween with the acting composition of Mario, do not forget to join this event before the end of October, since the celebration, including Halloween, will most likely be canceled in early November.

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