Need for Speed Unbound sweeps with its vertiginous driving in a new trailer

After several years of absence, Electronic Arts h put the tires on the phalt with Need for Speed Unbound, the new production by Criterion Games (Burnout Saga, Black). The game, which will be available only for the new generation, h been seen in a new gameplay video, which shows crazy persecutions, well the new system bed on risks and rewards . You can see it right on these lines.

While the pilot flees from the police, it is possible to hit his cars, to the point that he can leave them out of play. The persecutions allow you to earn more money , although running the risk can lead to very dangerous situations, such being tracked by a helicopter. Be that it may, players will have to compete to win pte, which can then be used to improve the car.


almost 150 vehicles available in the game

Due to lack of cars it will not be. EA h announced all vehicles that will be present when the game goes on sale. In total, 143 cars of brands important Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Jaguar or ton Martin. If you want to ride in a Porsche and enjoy a sports driving you have several options: or save a lot, a lot, very much, or you put themselves at the virtual wheel of Need for Speed Unbound, for example. This is the complete list of vehicles.

Criterion Games prints an Own aesthetic style that gives the set of an attractive visual pect in which the realism of cars with more cartoon elements is combined.

Need for Speed Unbound will go on sale next December 2 for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC . Criterion Games returns to the first line after a long time working a support study in other projects (designed the space battles of Star Wars Battlefront 2).

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