[Landscape] Steel series! Anyu PC Bang Sinchon Branch

What kind of space was the PC room for InBev gamers’ families? I have the most clear image of a place waiting for my friends up to 20s, including my school days. Most of the time, the feeling of actually entering a dungeon when you go down the PC stairs in the basement is still unforgettable. The smoking cigarette was not so uncomfortable even in the days when I didn’t smoke. I miss his brother, or his uncle, who always hit Stop in the corner.

It’s been about 10 years since the image of the PC room, which was like a hangout in my heart, has changed. Nowadays, the comfortable PC environment is basic, and the atmosphere has changed 180 degrees to a variety of eat menus, such as a neat interior with bright lighting, and a variety of eating menus.

The current PC room is awkward, and the facilities and services have improved. However, the newly opened PC rooms are aiming for a similar environment and goals. The lowest specifications I have visited these days were 9400F+RTX 2060, so I can enjoy all the games, so the latest PC system!

If the leveling of the industry persists, it becomes a stepping stone for the leap. The fast-awaited bosses began to pay attention to the gaming peripheral, where guests touch them. Upgrade to good products, always welcome, but there is a problem. The unit price of gaming peripherals is not easy. Even as it is an expensive product, there is no choice but to pay attention to maintenance.

It is also sounded to be clapping, and it is actively entering the market by various gaming peripherals. There are a few markets in the world that are as attractive as Korea, where the PC room culture is good. In some cases, the brand has a PC room, and some companies that specialize in esports have launched a PC room and entered the market through collaboration with the company.


This is what we will introduce in collaboration between the PC room franchise branch and gaming brand. In collaboration with the Steel series, a gaming peripheral company, in the An-U PC room located in Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, in the Pass Room, with the launch of the Steel Series Experience Zone in the PC room, It provides an environment that can be done.

You can’t miss this opportunity to experience expensive gaming peripherals at once? In addition, the Steel Series Experience Zone is conducting an SNS event to present expensive gaming peripherals by the end of October, so if you can afford it, you may want to go. I took a photo of Inchon’s Any PC room full of steel series.

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