Free drawing shim SUCHART: Artist Simulator official release, Japanese compatible. Overwhelmingly popular by making art that is too free and free

Publisher Hype train Digital officially released the painter simulation game Such art: Artist Simulator on October 14. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/Epic Games store), and the price is 2570 yen. Until October 21, it can be purchased for 20%off 2056 yen. The game is compatible with Japanese display.

Such art: Artist Simulator is a simulation game that has become an artist living in the 2130th world and produces works. Basically, you will create a painting work, draw a picture on the canvas in the atelier, and sell the completed work in the marketplace. And we upgrade the atelier with the money we earned.

One of the features of this work is that it is possible to experience a realistic painter that also incorporates physical operations and its high degree of freedom. Various pictures include various picture brushes, brushes, pallet knives, sponge rollers, and sprays. You can draw a picture as you want from a first-person perspective while utilizing stencils. It is also possible to spray paint with a bazooka or burn it with a flame radiator. The paint has an element of drying, and the color can be mixed naturally, rubbed, or dried with a dryer. There are many kinds of paint.

The canvas is available in multiple sizes. However, it does not mean that you can only draw on the canvas, but all things in the atelier can be expressed. It is up to the player to do anything, such as changing the atmosphere of the atelier, changing the color of the purchased furniture and objects, and dirty inside the atelier.

In the story mode of this work, customers can make money from customers, and to make money by responding to them. Unlike the free-produced work in the marketplace and waiting for the buyer to appear, the customer specifically specifies what kind of picture wants to draw. For example, it is a portrait, a style of a specific picture, and a work that meets such requests.

In this official release, several new elements have been added. First, a space called HANGER has been added, with its own items, characters, requests, and mechanics. It is unlocked when level 4 is reached and can be used in creative mode at any time. In addition, the gallery that can decorate the work has been greatly expanded, and the exhibition style has been added.

The Virtualize has been added as a new tool. It has a function that can copy furniture and objects in the atelier, and can be used at a small cost. THE OFNI Shield, which can protect the specified aspect, has been added. It is a tool where you can mask places you do not want to put color. In addition, many adjustments and bug corrections have been implemented, so please check the patch notebook for details.


This work started distribution of early access at Steam in July 2021. Since then, the development has been further promoted, and new tools and content have been added. The user’s evaluation of this work has been very high from the time of early access distribution, and in Steam’s user reviews, 97%are now popular overwhelmingly popular status. It seems that the functionality and high degree of freedom that can draw full-fledged pictures, and abundant content that can be enjoyed without painting are evaluated.

Such art: Artist Simulator is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store). As a trial version of this work, Such art: Creative Space (Steam/Epic Games Store), which has limited game mode and functions, is distributed for free, so if you are interested, you should try it here first. See.

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