Gotham Knights and his launch trailer make Batman stir in the grave

When the gentleman falls, a new guard gets up. A little more than two weeks after its premiere, Gotham Knights h just presented its launch trailer, a video full of moments that remind us of the reons why The recent adaptations of Batman have become the example to follow For the rest of superheroes. Action, show, charismatic bosses, freedom and a tribute after another to the original source. To Batman must be stirring in his tomb of him for not being able to participate. We will see if the DC fans have many reons to celebrate the next October 21, 2022 , when Gotham Knights reaches PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (yes, you have read well, there will only be Next Versions gene)

Can the saga survive without Batman?

Developed by Batman’s creators: Arkham Origins, that spin off with the Joker a playable character , this Gotham Knights will be a continuation of the formula that catapults rock steady during the generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 (which Crystals in the wonderful Arkham ylum and Arkham City). Set after the death of Batman, the main heroes become Robin, Batgirl, Night wing and Red Hood , the considered bat family. The four must discover what really happened to the mking while facing one of the most laureate enemies in the recent history of the comic: The court of the owls , well other clsics of the DC universe such Harley Quinn, face of mud and Mr. Cold.

Among the main novelties of this delivery is the inclusion of a striking multiplayer mode, which, although it w already tested in the pt, precisely in that Batman: Arkham Origins of Warner Bros. Montreal, this time it will offer an approach is radically different . Instead of facing the players with each other (online PVP), the game will bet on the cooperative and us will allow exploring the map in the company of a friend . Limited to two people, it will be the first time we can form a team of justices and complete the history in cooperative. All attentive to the Arsenal!

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