Two -back, SF robot strategy game Space Gears teaser unveiled

Two-Bite (CEO Ham Young-cheol) first released the teaser video of Space Gears (formerly Crypto Gears), which is being developed at its game studio and Pent Peak Studio.

In the released video, a robot with a shield in the sand desert background, which can guess the worldview of the Mars Terraforming Game, appears. In particular, at the end of the video, the game name was confirmed as ‘Space Gears’ at the existing ‘Crypto Gears’ and presented the first game logo.

Space Gears is an SF strategy game based on Mars Terraforming. Various ways of cooperation and competition to occupy Mars’ resources are constantly occurring. It is a P2G (Play To Get)-based game that can target the base that competitive users can customize and collect various NFT robots and organize the team. Web 3 Solutions, Two-Types and Icon Loops will be introduced in the first half of next year as the core DAP of the interchain NFT platform Halvah.

Ham Young-cheol, CEO of Route, said, The basics of the game are fun and fun. The blockchain game called P2E (Play to Earn) also gives users a pleasure first, and after that, I think that rewards are naturally followed. do. We are developing and developing the game’s original fun, so please look forward to it.

The Pent Peak Studio is its own game development studio founded in Tote. Veteran developers who have gained big experiences in major domestic game companies such as Nixon, NC Soft, and Remade are the main drivers. Two-Bate’s global service know-how and solid development power are the development of global high quality casual games. Currently, he is developing Mobile Match 3 meta-puzzle game Stella Tales and Space Gears, a WEB 3.0 game.

For more information about the Space Gears, please visit the official YouTube AMA LIVE video.

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