The representatives of Bruce Willis denies the sale of their rights to a company of Deepfake

The media have echoed news that suggests that Bruce Willis h sold their image rights to a company specialized in Deepfake. If real, the agreement would allow the Deepfake company to create a digital twin of the actor to use it in future projects. However, the interpreter representatives have denied the existence of that agreement.

In a statement sent to the Hollywood Reporter, a representative h denied the information and said that Bruce Willis h not been sociated h not reached an agreement with Deepfake . A publicist from the Russian company h confirmed that Willis’s rights cannot be sold because they are his. In ce of wanting to use it again they would have to have the actor’s approval.

The statements attributed to Bruce Willis

On the company’s website there are still statements attributed to Willis, in reference to a spot that w recorded in 2021 .

I like the precision of my character. It is an opportunity for me to go back in time. The Neural Network h been nourished by gls jungle content and the fifth element, so m and character looks very similar to the images of that time . With the advent of modern technology, I can communicate, work and participate in shootings even in another continent. It is a new and interesting experience, so I am grateful to our team.

The advance of technology is allowing the Deepfake and CGI to rejuvenate or bring actors back. Recently, it w confirmed that James Earl Jones, Darth Vader at Star Wars , h signed an agreement for Lucfilm to use his voice in future projects. In fact, they have used artificial intelligence to record the voices of the Lord Sith in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. In the book of Boba Fett, it w Luke Skywalker young who returned in style.

Bruce Willis announced the withdrawal of him of him for a health issue.

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