All shelters for the Woodwind camp in phasmophobia

Camp Woodwind is the smallest map in Homophobia and one of the best cards to get used to the game. At the level of the complexity of the nightmare, it is not difficult to find a ghost, but ghost hunting is as dangerous as on other maps. There are shelters in each corner of the card, which allows players to easily escape from hunters if they are not blocked. These are all shelters for the Woodwind camp in homophobia.

where to find every shelter in the Woodwind camp in homophobia

In total, there are seven shelters in Camp Woodwind, the smallest card in the game. It will be easy for players to find a ghost and even find a bone and damned possessions on the map. Shelters are not perfect, and some ghosts will still receive players, regardless of how well they are hidden. Nevertheless, they make it possible to get out of sight and conveniently sit in place in order to avoid hunting. These are all caches:

chests at a white tent

This is a shelter that can be found on the left side of the card at the entrance of the players, it is easy to skip. Three chests with ice can be found near a white tent and two brown benches.

chests at the blue tent

This group of chests can be found near the center of the card near the blue tent. Players should make sure that they are completely inside the space in order to be completely hidden.

barrels at the canopy

On the right, when the players enter the camp, there is a set of three barrels. They can be found next to the first white canopy, and they are easy to skip because of how dark this part of the card can be.

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at the table inside Canopy

Under the second white canopy there are several chests. To the right of it is a set of large tables, between which players can hide. Players must definitely remain behind the chest chests on the table, since hiding in any other place, they can be noticed.


There is a toilet right in front of the entrance to the camping. Inside there are two open kiosks that serve as shelters. This is to the right of the red tent and to the left of the second white canopy.

for sleeping bags

Inside the yellow tent, a set of sleeping bags can appear that close the players hiding behind it. It is located to the left of the camp and is one of the best shelters on the map.

inside small purple tents

Next to the red tent and bathrooms are two purple tents. Players can hide in any of the two, although they should practice how to close them correctly before hunting begins. It may be difficult to close them in the heat of the moment.

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