All Foxhole levels and levels

To work with thousands of players to contribute to an endless online one, it sounds fun, but in fact it is important that your work is recognized. By increasing the level and increasing your rank, you can get large privileges, such as the creation of detachments and regiments. Here are all the titles and levels in Foxhole, as well as how you can climb the military ladder.

How to increase the rank in Foxhole

To achieve the next available rank, you must first get a certain number of thanks. They are given by other players as a reward for a well-completed task. This includes the murder of enemies, the treatment of allies, the construction of buildings for your team, the destruction of enemy buildings, the collection of resources and the supply of bases with the necessary items.


Gratitude is the only way to increase the rank, but you can receive an unlimited number of thanks per day.

How to increase the level in Foxhole

Levels differ from ranks. Instead of relying on other players, you increase your level, performing actions such as collecting resources and killing enemies. Performing intrastate actions will give you an experience that will help increase your level.

every rank in Foxhole

  • No-zero praise
  • PTE (private)-one praise
  • LCL (junior corporal)-four praise
  • CPL (corporal)-eight thanks
  • Sgt (sergeant)-20 thanks
  • SGT (senior sergeant)-50, thanks.
  • WO2 (Warent-officer 2)-100 praise.
  • WO1 (Warent-officer 1)-150 praise.
  • OCT (officer cadet)-200, thanks.
  • 2nd lieutenant (second lieutenant)-500, thanks.
  • LT (lieutenant)-800 praise.
  • Capt (captain)-1200 praise
  • Major-1800 praise.
  • Lieutenant colonel (lieutenant colonel) 2700 thanks
  • Color (colonel)-3900 thanks
  • BRIG (foreman) 5900 thanks
  • Maj Gen (Major General)-8900 praise.
  • Lieutenant General (Lieutenant General)-13400, thanks.
  • General (general)-19900 praise
  • FM (Field Marshal)-29900 praise.

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