How to combine the existing Overwatch account with Overwatch 2

The association of your Overwatch account with Overwatch 2 is an important step at the beginning of the work, and, along with setting up SMS protection, this is what the players will have to do when starting the game.

How to combine Overwatch accounts with Overwatch 2

Connection of accounts to can be a little confusing without outside help, so players can take the following steps to connect the necessary accounts.

  1. Go to the website and enter the account with which you will play Overwatch 2.
  2. Go to Account settings Site section.
  3. On the page settings page, find connection tab on the side panel.
  4. At the Connection tab, players will be able to connect their various accounts (Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Google, Twitch, etc.). It is important to attach the accounts on which they played Overwatch, as well as the platform on which it will be played in Overwatch 2.

*It is important to note that the account related to the first time is practically unchanged. Players can change the accounts related to their account, but they will have to wait a decent amount of time before they can switch connected accounts after setting them up.

What gives the association of accounts in Overwatch 2?

The association of accounts allows the players to preserve the progress that they earned in Overwatch, so they do not have to start from scratch in Overwatch 2. Skins and most unlocks will be postponed after connecting accounts, so this is excellent news for returning. Overwatch players.

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