The best characters in The Diofield Chronicle – a list of characters levels

Airfield Chronicle is a strategic role-playing game, the purpose of which is to test the ability of the players. With very limited resources and without mechanics of exchange of experience, you are forced to use only your best teams for each mission. To help you better plan, the best characters are given below to use in The Airfield Chronicle.


There is no doubt about this-Andrias, the mysterious protagonist of The Airfield Chronicle, is the best damage to the player that you can manage in the game. Possessing a natural high score and a unique dagger skill for an Assassinate ambush, Andreas can kill most of your enemies with one blow. Give him a necklace to maximize the effectiveness of his skills.



Maria is an adversary of Andreas, when it comes to ambush, although she needs a lot of investments to use it similarly.

At the fifth level of the store, buy a bracelet from a dragon claw to increase its chance of a critical blow to 100%. When increasing critical damage, increased damage to skills and strengthening of technology are unlocked, it can destroy the hordes of enemies (behind) with one blow. If she shoots in front, it will also cause significant damage.


The greatest power of Walking is her versatility as a wizard. With skills such as Skill Damage Boost and Aggressive EP, Walking can cause serious damage and never exhaust EP.

Even if it is not equipped with a staff with accelerated treatment, it can play the role of a healer with a recovery circle. As soon as you have enough AP, you can even increase the effectiveness of this skill by unlocking the expanded effect.


Provocation is an extremely important skill that allows you to distract the attention of the enemy from units that you do not want to harm. Possessing abilities such as strengthening protection against automatic attacks and rough health, Saree is a unit that can last the longest, provoking the enemy. She will also rarely need treatment.

The Idler is also one of two people who can own a sword and a shield, who has a cut from a turn skill. Roundhouse Slash has a decent range, a high chance of provocation and the low cost of EP. The other is Katherine, which is better for attack.

Cast aver

Severe is an excellent cavalry unit with a greater ability called Casanova. While he is paired with a woman, all the characteristics of the castor will be increased by 20. He can be supported by such as Riverbank, if you need a stunning merchant, or a fraud, if you need a provocateur. Just put good boots and a helmet on him so that he does not get too much damage in unprofitable positions, for example, when there is an archer nearby.

Other wonderful characters The Airfield Chronicle

Mind *: Although most cards do not need a special healer, Hegelian is your best choice if you e you need 1. She has a protection to survive, and the corresponding abilities to increase her healing force.
Marion *: Arizona shooter that does not need a supervision. He has all the abilities and characteristics of the attack necessary for the application of great damage from auto. You can focus on your other units and just ask him to support the team from the background.

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