[Experience] Last FIFA Series, FIFA 23 Experience

The title may look a bit stimulating, but the latest FIFA 23 of the FIFA series is the final series of FIFA. Therefore, to talk more, we will not see the football game series with the name FIFA in the future due to the untrained contract of the game name license (FIFA) with the FIFA.

It doesn’t matter if the game is just as it is, but it’s up to you to complete the history of about 29-30 years, which began with FIFA International Soccer in 1993. There’s no name yet, but I’m curious about the naming that comes out of my mouth.

Whether it’s like this or like that, the game is the same, so it doesn’t seem to be a big problem. Passed over, the latest FIFA 23 of the FIFA series has a variety of elements that have changed compared to their predecessors. From Hyper Motion 2, the latest software of the new hypermotion, to women’s club football and cross play compatible with various models.

Ahead of the release of FIFA 23 at EA, the FIFA 23 showcase was opened to introduce the new system by releasing the game to more than 250 media reporters, influencers and FIFA. At the scene, former football player Park Missing, who was selected as the FIFA 23 Fut Hero.

■ What about Hyper Motion 2 upgraded from the previous hyper motion?

The FIFA 23 introduced the previous hyper motion to introduce the hyper-motion 2 technology to realize the motion of more realistic and intuitive players. It is a process that captures motion through real soccer games and builds various situations using deep learning.

Many of the mechanisms of the shooting, the free kick, corner, and penalty kicks in the mechanism of the shooting, and the set piece situation have changed. In addition, this hyper motion technology, which was originally only in the console, is upgraded to Hyper Motion 2 and is compatible on the PC platform.

Hyper Motion 2 Technology is an 11: 11 match in an exon suit to capture the overall motion. This accumulates data with various scenes such as movement, shooting motion, and dribbling. As a result, you can enjoy more real soccer games with natural scenes that apply not only in certain situations but also in general games.

For example, a realistic scene is included, such as the finger of the goalkeeper that blocks the flying ball at a high speed, or the legs of the athlete who shoots a little behind. What I felt when I played the game as a whole was certainly improved in the graphics, and the in-game feeling was changed. There was one more thing that was amazing, and it was informed of the augmented reality that was implemented as a hyper-motion 2 technology with detailed information.

■ The latest console devices, PCs, and old-generation console devices? Let’s use the cross play!

From FIFA 23, the latest console devices, PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X, and PC platforms can be cross-played, and the old-fashioned console device PlayStation 4 and Xbox originals can also be crossed. In addition, PS5 and Xbox One cannot cross play, but registered players and items have the advantage of bidding and purchasing. PCs and switches are made individually.

In conclusion, the PC platform and the latest console devices are cross-play, so the old-generation console devices are eliminated. In addition, other platform matching other than PS5, a user pool in FIFA, is not a shame. I can’t play the game at all.

■ FUT (FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM) mode, are you pretty familiar?

It is colorless even if it is the most popular mode in the FIFA series. The FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, which started with FIFA 11, can be seen if you have enjoyed various soccer games or domestic FIFA Online, but it is a mode that confronts your own team, your own squad with my favorite player or a good player.

It’s not just a team. Kit, badge or stadium, huge banner in it, and the overall theme. In addition, it can be customized, such as soccer balls, ceremonies, grass patterns, and cheering. This seems to be a keyword of .

You can use both legend players and current players. This varies from icon players with retired legend players to fut hero players and active players. Park Missing was selected for the FUT HERO, and Son Heung-min, who was a Fut Ambassador since his previous work, was also selected as the FUT Ambassador of this series.

▲ Meet of two captains in Korea! (Source: EA Sports Korea)

■ Pep Guardiola, Kl opp, Cone? Now let’s act as a real supervision

In this career mode of FIFA 23, the player career mode and coach career mode introduced in the previous work will be carried out. Instead, the big change can be found in the director’s career mode. Previously, we could not play with the common masters that we actually exist, but in this FIFA 23, we can select the actual manager to run the team.

In addition, the newly added transfer market negotiations have added a system that leaves the evaluation of negotiations and a tension meter that represents the negotiation tension. The tension meter can prevent the negotiations that break down the previous purchase negotiations, and there is a system that divides the level by grade about whether it has been overpaid after the negotiations.


In addition, it will tell you whether you can replace it immediately when you sell a player or if you have a prospect that can be replaced in the long term. And there’s one more fun feature. Playable highlight function. Only in the decisive scenes were intervened, and the rest were played in simulation, so you could see the development of convenience and immersion.

I’ve talked about the manager career mode, so I’ll talk about the career mode. The big change in the career mode is the individuality. There are a total of three types of players: heresy, heartbeat and master.

In the case of heresy, he values his achievement and pursues a strong and luxurious life. Heartbeat prefers the team and pursues altruistic life compared to personal achievements. The master is a type that focuses on achieving career as a player rather than an external sense of accomplishment, such as recognition or money.

■ First women’s club football

Eh? Originally there were a women’s soccer. That’s right, you can see the national team of women’s soccer just by looking at the previous work. The difference that changed this time is that it is a women’s club football, not the national team. Two leagues are added, including the English FA Women’s Super League and French Division 1 feminine, and the first women’s club professional teams, not national teams.

I was also surprised by the very speedy development when I played the women’s club soccer mode that seemed a bit unfortunate. It was much better enough to feel in terms of fighting and dribbling speed, and the overall speed was faster. In addition, as you can see on the 23rd cover of the FIFA, Kilian Mb ape is a female representative, and Sacker is the representative of Sacker.

▲ FIFA 23 Women’s Soccer Team Play Video

■ It is more fun to enjoy with multiple modes

FIT mode is virtually main content in FIFA, but modes that mix different elements are also quite popular. Among them, you can see the stylish end plate king Volta mode that embodies street football.

▲ FIFA 23 Volta Mode Play Video
The Volta Mode, which adds arcade to the rapid transition and cool development of the airborne, is divided into 3: 3, 4: 4, 5: 5, which is easier to understand. In addition to playing the existing team squad or inviting a friend, he also added his own avatar to play. I’m one of the players who enjoy this Volta mode.

In addition to the time of the Qatar World Cup, the FIFA World Cup mode will add Qatar World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand. Of course, this is also likely to be the last World Cup DLC by failing to sign with FIFA.

■ FIFA 23

The more realistic stadium has realistically embodied the grass that wears the grass as a knee or a turf that wears when it falls. In addition, the details of the crowds that were like a sheet of paper were survived, and a new 3D texture was used to feel more realistic when the shooting was plugged into the net.

You can see scenes inside and outside the stadium before the start of the game. Ahead of the big matches like Champions League and World Cup, a new match day system is applied to create high energy and expectations with the shouts and sloppy sounds of various football fans.

I went to several modes for about 2 hours and enjoyed it. I felt when I reviewed FIFA 22, but it’s hard to expect a big change in soccer games. It’s a game that is finally cold, put, and blocked.

But this FIFA 23 is also a graphic, and it was a fairly satisfactory FIFA series by filling these elements with detail and armed with various contents. Although it is the latest work, FIFA, which is also the last time, will be more advanced in the future, and we finish this experience.

▲ FIFA 23 Pre-Play Video

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