How to get a room with a red crystal in Soulstice

Solstice is a spectacular fighting game in which the main attention is paid to two sisters, Prayer and LUT. Together they explore, together discover the history of their land and even fight side by side with each other. During the passage of the level of Echoes from the Past, a difficult puzzle stops the player’s study. Here’s how to get a room with a red crystal in Solstice.

How to get a room with a red crystal in Solstice?

How to get a room with a red crystal?

This room can be found in the section of the side passage of the Lenoir bridge, in the interior of the lock. It contains blue maternal vein, which gives an additional residue if it is quickly destroyed. It also contains several red crystals that you can destroy by activating the exile and attacking them. After completing these tasks, it seems that your work is completed, but there is another crystal that you need to destroy.

This crystal is a cobalt vein and should be destroyed by the field of resurrection, as well as the maternal vein. It is located on the left side of the room and hangs in the air. To find this crystal, go to left edge of the room, at the barrier . The cobalt vein emits a weak contour when you are next to her, showing her position. To destroy it, activate the embodiment field, double jump , then attack the crystal. As soon as Cobalt Vein, Mother lode and red crystals will be destroyed, you can go to the next area.

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