Authentic Robo Action VULTURE Play Repo -Experienced heavy action that feels obsession [TGS2022]

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 is the largest game exhibition in Japan, which was held on both the real venue of Chiba Madurai Jesse and the online platform, which has expanded its scale since 2021. We will deliver the play repo of the robot action Vulture of the indie game development team Wet Road which was played at the Indy Game booth.

2 missions can be played in the playable version. In the tutorial, you can check the behavior of the aircraft and attacks, and try various actions. After the tutorial, you will choose one from three types of aircraft that have excellent speed and defense and challenge the mission.

What I felt and felt was the importance of operating while being aware of the braking of the aircraft. It is a reminiscent of the Dark Soul series where behavioral management is somewhat important, and it is necessary to be alert to prevent the moment of landing and boost movement.

Speaking of this work different from other robot games, including indie, the slow movement at the start of the movement and the long braking to express the heavy body to express heavy objects such as a giant robot. You may have strongly pursued a certain behavior (somehow, there is an OVA-like impression of robot animation in the 80s and 90s).

In addition, not only braking effects that feel the weight, but also a place where there are abundant actions in the vertical direction, such as a place where a specific button can be pressed in the air by pressing a specific button at the top when jumping and coming to the top. It seems to be

Operation is a boost in LT, avoidance in LB, jumping with RB, attack with RT, shifting to an over boost orbital form with an X button, and switching weapons with Y buttons. However, in my skills, it was difficult to manage the behavior, including the boost, and the gauge of avoidance, and it tended to move when I moved and stopped. As long as the operation is skilled, I think that you can experience the behavior that makes you feel more like an ace pilot.

There is no other robot game that focuses on the experience of behavior, so I would like to expect the future development of Vulture.

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