Smilegate, life respect campaign

[ Moon Byung-soo] Smile gate Hope Studio (Chairman Won Hyuk-bin, Hope Studio) is an indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’ operated by Smile gate Stove (CEO Han Jong-un, hereinafter Stop)) I finished the life respect campaign with me.

Hope Studio held a donation ceremony at the Korea Suicide Prevention Association on the 16th. The donation ceremony was attended by Park Lineup, Secretary General of the Korea Suicide Prevention Association, CEO of ’30 Days’ developer Dublin Lee Hearing, and stove indie Jung Yeo-jin.

The donations raised through the campaign will be fully used for providing 15 psychological inspections and medical care to 15 high-risk children and young people. The donation of the campaign was created by the voluntary donation of game users, and stoves and developers donate additional amounts per game sales. Stove has cooperated in various ways, including the promotion of the homepage and the donor game discount coupon for the campaign to be interested and spread by more users.

Thank you for the users, game developers, and stoves who have joined the campaign, said I Sun-wan, chairman of the Korea Suicide Prevention Association. I will do my best to be able to.

Won Yeo-jin, head of Hope Studio, said, It is significant in that the game developer who participated in the Smile gate Membership (SGM) participated in the donation campaign. We will faithfully fulfill our role as a virtuous cycle donation platform that allows you to reduce your love again to society.


Meanwhile, the indie game ’30 Days Another’ is a multi-ending story adventure impact game based on the importance of life. The user who has received the death certificate of the character in the game has a narrative that he can change the story and change death into life for 30 days before the death of the character. Developer Dublin is a game company that participated in SGM, a support program for the creators of Smile gate Group, which celebrated 14th this year.

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