Lost Ark: The very first Arktoberfest has started – Shiver drop and also occasion

On the main site, those responsible for Amazon Games introduced the very first Oktoberfest of Lost Ark. The tribute to the Oktoberfest from Munich began on September 16, 2022, and also just like the original, the Oktoberfest is also about commemorating and making get in touches with old and also new friends-all with delicious food and alcohol consumption in wealth, however also with cosmetic objects as Twitch drops!


that awaits you at the Oktoberfest

By October third, 2022, all members of the Lost Ark Creator program can turn on the aesthetic shiver drop beer crown (see below) on their networks! So watch your favored Lost Ark banners on Twitch and get your upper body, in the camp, Indian Pale Ale and Stout. You need to enjoy the getting involved Lost Ark streamers for a total amount of 4 hours to obtain the decline.

In Armenia itself, Oktoberfest weekends await you with an energetic hot-time button, with which you can obtain special dishes that strengthen you and also your RAID groups for battling. These rewards can be gotten once a day, on the 17th and 18th and also 23rd and also 24th and also 25th of September 2022.
Till October 3, members of the Lost Ark Creator program can trigger the Twitch Drop Beer Crown on their channels! Source: Amazon Gaming

Hot time incentives

| Event sausage : Short-term strength, skill and also knowledge +3000, all-natural regrowth of fight source +24 %, attack speed +2 %.| Festival cracker : Short-lived toughness, ability and also intelligence +6000 and Kit chance +1 %.| Celebration lift cake **: momentarily skill, strength as well as knowledge +3000, TP +4500 and rate of activity +3 %.
* A variety of various other incentives, such as Vitamin, combat items, fans, shade chests and even more!

on the Destroy Island!

The Destroy Island is the finest place to prepare for you if you desire to dive right into the Oktoberfest. There is a world-famous Umar brewery where best craft beers are brewed with the most effective beverages throughout Armenia. If you haven’t been there yet, definitely complete the main quests of the island:

  • The trick of the pleasant beer: gather honey of honey as well as beehives.
  • The key of dry beer: use and also aid the Umar water barrels.
  • The trick of the bitter beer: Plasticine dough.

With this you can turn right into a beer glass to celebrate the Oktoberfest! If you desire to complete further pursuits in connection with this legendary brewery, there are still TUNAS tasks and also co-op missions on the island.

  • The wide world of beers
  • Great old times

Amazon.com Gaming wants you a good ark head celebration. Source: Amazon Games
Loop quests: A collection of three quests every hr. If you do not create the existing pursuit progression in the provided time, the following mission will not be triggered. You will certainly get a title and also the objects you require to complete Tunas’s tasks if you finish all three quests.

  • A tasty snack to be beer
  • One more tasty treat to be beer
  • The most tasty beer treat ever before

Finale on the last Arktoberfest-WE

Last weekend, a unique, four-day hot-time occasion boosted from September 30 to October 3, 2022. You can not just select up incentives every day as usual, there is additionally a unique series where you can earn an incentive rate.

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If you haven’t been there yet, definitely complete the primary missions of the island:

If you desire to finish further quests in connection with this legendary brewery, there are still TUNAS jobs and co-op missions on the island. Loop quests: A set of three pursuits every hr. If you do not produce the current mission progress in the offered time, the following pursuit will certainly not be caused. If you complete all three pursuits, you will certainly get a title and the items you need to finish Tunas’s tasks.

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