La Noire police officers

If you made a pre-order for the game on GameStop/Game, the game will unlock the task Pursuit of the badge, in which you need to find 20 hidden police icons/shields all over La Noise. This guide to the location of the La Noise police badges will help you track all these icons and complete the task of pursuit of the icons.

If you can find all 20 of these icons, a dull suit of a person on buttons will be unlocked, providing additional ammunition for all weapons. Each icon also gives 5 additional XP, which will help to unlock intuition glasses in the future.

Location of police icons la noise

You can find these icons by completing in the places below.

Police icon # 1

Go to the Grammar Theater, going to its entrance, look for red carpets leading inside. You will find a large red carpet along with two smaller ones on each side, the police badge will be located along the carpet on the left side.

Police icon No. 2

The second police icon is located at the Roosevelt Hotel. Go towards Hollywood Boulevard and turn towards Orange Drive to get to the entrance to the hotel. A police icon will be found at the front door.

Police icon No. 3

Go to the MX Factor building, it is located southeast of the intersection of Highland and Hollywood Boulevard. Now, being in the vehicle, break the fences to find a police icon lying next to the brown garbage tank.

Police icon No. 4

Move towards Las Palmas and move east towards Hollywood Boulevard. The fourth police icon will be found in the rear of the RUSSO and Franks building under a green canopy.

Police icon No. 5

The fifth police icon is at the crossroads of the world. Go to Sunset Boulevard and select either the left or right path next to the building. Moving along this path, you will find the corridor about halfway, go to find the icon.

Police icon No. 6

The sixth police icon can be found in Westlake Tar Pits. Go along this route to find a white hut. Search the porch of the cab to find the icon.

Police icon No. 7

The seventh police badge can be found in the Art Museum of the Los Angeles district. Go to the building and enter the parking lot. Now go along the driveway left to the icon.

Police icon No. 8

This icon can be found in Bullocks Wilshire. Go to the area and go down the stairs, now move left on the floor with the stars. The icon is under the structure of Canopy.

Police icon No. 9


The 9th icon can be found in a set of intolerance. The left and right approaches to the stage are blocked, select an alternative route from the back and find the entrance to the tunnel under the stage. The icon will be found inside this tunnel.

Police icon No. 10

Go towards the MacArthur Park, as soon as you get there, head to the pier near the parked rowing boats, and you will find a police icon lying on a barrel.

Police icon No. 11

Go to Los Angles Examiner and go to his parking. Now move along the green walls to find a police icon next to several pots with plants.

Police icon No. 12

The icon is located right at the entrance to the RIO Theater. As soon as you find yourself there, turn right to find it under a canopy.

Police icon No. 13

The icon is located on the roof of the public library of Los Angeles. To get to the top, find the drainage pipe at the entrance to the building, climb the pipe and catch on the left ledge. Once at the top, you will find an icon in the middle of the roof of the building.

Police icon No. 14

Go to Parsing Square and find trolleybuses, you will find a police icon lying on the table next to him.

Police icon No. 15

Go to the record hall, enter the building and move along the lobby corridor. You will find an icon lying on the registration stance halfway on this corridor.

Police icon No. 16

Go to the Union Station, now look for a sign of the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. You will find a ticket office under this pointer, to the left of you. The badge will be found next to him.

Police icon No. 17

Go to the western end of Chinatown, there find two figures of Lviv. The figures are in the lane in the southwestern part of Chinatown. The icon will lie between the two statues of the lion.

Police icon No. 18

Go towards Angel Flight and follow the paths rising up. The icon will be found under these paths.

Police icon No. 19

Go to the 6th Viaduct street and inspect the middle sawing structures. Climb these pylons to find a police icon upstairs.

Police icon No. 20

Go to the Maine Street terminal and go along the highway. You will find yellow buses to the right of you and the police icon lying in front of the red cart.

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