Jicha not pleased despite triumph

We understand how tough it will certainly be as well as have to remain amazing, said Richey after the Kiel victory versus the BHC regarding the title battle this period. 103 objectives in the first three video games are a solid quote, but the THW instructor was not pleased with the offensive performance in spite of the clear success. Ultimately, every player needs to accomplish the jobs he has in attack. I didn’t see that and in addition to the fact that we will rack up 35 goals since we are running a lot. It was a game where it might have tipped, claimed The Czech at Skies.

The foxes Berlin, which had currently presented 31:21 versus TVB Stuttgart on Saturday, rest on the exact same. Due to the fact that it scored one goal much less than the Killer in the very first three period games, the funding club is only 2nd.

Exceptional man at the mug winner and Super cup champion, who announced the agreement expansion of Magnus Landing before the game, was again goalkeeper Tomas MRA with 16 ceremonies.

Pace, methods as well as many objectives: The title favorites around leaders THW Kiel underpinned their ambitions early in the season. The document champs won 35:29 (17:13) against Bernice HC on Sunday and also took 6: 0 factors back on top of the course. Train Filip Richey was still not pleased: I see a lot that we can do better.

THW Kiel-Bergischer HC 35:29 (17:13).

Pace, methods as well as several objectives: The title faves around leaders THW Kiel underpinned their passions early in the season. 103 objectives in the very first 3 video games are a strong quote, however the THW train was not pleased with the offensive efficiency despite the clear success. I didn’t see that as well as apart from the fact that we will score 35 goals due to the fact that we are running a lot. Incompetency: -/ Pieczkowski (25th), STAAR (51./ 3.

HSV Hamburg-GWD Minded 27:21 (13: 9).

Thus far, the Flensburg have additionally left a certain perception. In the clear success in Hanover, Emil Jacobsen as well as Franz Temper with 7 goals as well as goalkeeper Kevin Miller with 13 parades. That was a very fully grown group efficiency in all locations, stated SG train Main McCulla.

Tore SC Magdeburg: O. I. Mansion 9/7, Saugstrup 5, D. Patterson 4, Beak 3, G. T. Kristiansen 3, Horne 2, O ¦ Sullivan 2, pH. Weber 2, Master 1, Muscle 1.
HSG Regular: Easterner 10/6, Living 5, Rubin 4, Millard 3, Fall 3, Fredrickson 1, Shelter 1, E. Schmidt 1.
Referee: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)/ Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach).
viewer: 5667.
Wrongdoer mins: 4/6.
Incompetency: -/-.

Tore HC Erlangen: Model 8, Lesson 5, Metzger 5, Michel 5, Gender 5, Olsson 4, S. Inhaler 1, Steiner 1/1.
Fresh on Göttingen: Sarah 5, Schiller 4/2, Gullies 3, Molina 3, Lindenchrone Andersen 3, Blagotinsek 2, Belleek 2, Keel 2, D. Schmidt 2, Roller 1, Males 1.
Referee: Fabian Rampart (retired life home)/ Sasha Wild (Elgersweiher).
viewer: 3752.

Tore THW Kiel : Wallis 6, Week 6, Bilk 5, Berg 5/4, Duncan 3, Johansson 3, Ranking 3, Over 2, MRA 1, Reinhold 1.
Burnisher HC: Nikolai sen 5, Berger 4, Nothdurft 4, Reason 3/2, Baba 3, Beyer 3/2, Schönningsen 3, Franz 2, A. Gunderson 1, Week 1.
Referee: Sasha Schmidt (Bochum)/ Frederic Linker (Bochum).
viewer: 9649.
Lawbreaker minutes: 8/10.

With the remarkable start of the period, the funding club underpinned its passions to obtain included in the fight for the champion. Our success were convincing. Far there was no dropping fruit. You can already see what is feasible with the squad, claimed Drug.

Tore VFL Gummersbach: Mapped 8/2, Foster 6, Blame 4, Jansen 4, Prefer 4, Odin 2, Handler 1.
ASV Hamm-Westfalen: Hermann 6/4, Bornean 4, Wailing 4, Bauer 3, Borowski 3, Basic 2, Saw was 2, Schulz 2, Escape 1, by Boeing 1.
Referee: Tobias Townies (Stendhal)/ Robert Schulz (Magdeburg).
viewer : 3078.
Offender minutes: 6/6.


We won and also are completely satisfied, stated Omar Inge Mansion. The Icelander was the ideal SCM thrower with 9 objectives.

In the clear foxes triumph over Stuttgart, coach Jason Sievert commemorated his comeback on the bench after four weeks of health problem. I am really, really delighted, he stated after that. We likewise desired to win for him, said captain Paul Drug.
|| Tore HSV Hamburg: AXM ANN 8, F. B. Andersen 6, Weller 5, allow 3, Schimmelbauer 3, Mortensen 1/1, Sissier 1.
GWD Minded: Ascension Camera 4, Urban 4/1, Kitsch 3, Forte 3, Holder 2, Pieczkowski 2, Vignjevic 2, Richtzenhain 1.
Referee: Miro Drag (Frankfurt/M.)/ Marcus Hurst (Overuse).
viewer: 2748.
Wrongdoer mins: 2/12.
Disqualification: ** -/ Pieczkowski (25th), STAAR (51./ 3. Time fine).

HC Erlangen-Frisch on Göttingen 34:28 (17:10).

VFL Gummersbach-ASV Hamm-Westfalen 29:28 (17:12).

SC Magdeburg-HSG Regular 32:28 (17:14).

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