Malware creation & experience sim computer virus simulator announced. Safety experience of trauma that makes your PC go wrong

Personal developer WORK GAME announced on September 8 the computer virus simulator . The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

Computer virus simulator is a simulated simulation of computer virus. Players can create computer viruses themselves and operate viruses on the virtual OS in the game. It also seems to be possible to play using viruses created by other players.

In this work, you can safely experience various malware (a general term for malicious software and code), from standard to unique. The game has a large amount of error dialogs, error marks, warning sounds, and beep sounds in the game.

In the released screenshot, you can see how many error dialogs such as System Error, Computer Is Not Working Properly, and Software is Not Supported appear on the screen. In addition, there is a screenshot that causes many images of error dialog and red and blue sushi, which is probably caused by malware called SUSHI App. It is likely that the unusual virus will appear.

Also prepared for Windows-style blue screen (messages that may be displayed in the case of serious errors in the OS). It seems that you can experience PC user despair in the game. While my personal opinion, the PC that my family shared was made in a blue screen state, reminiscent of adolescent adolescence. If you play this work, it may be resistant to the fear of the blue screen.

In the past, WORK GAME, who works on this work, practice Morse signal with the theme typing game Unto Typing and the words of love. ] Is being released. In contrast to the unusual theme, it was characterized by gameplay that could acquire practical knowledge and skills. I hope that this work, Computer Virus Simulator, will help the player’s IT literacy improve.

Computer virus simulator will be distributed to PC (Steam).

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