NBA 2K23: Is it legal to buy MT?

The NBA 2K23 game has been released. Are you worried about getting enough MT? Earlier, we talked about how to get MT coins for free in NBA 2K23, but this method takes time to accumulate. Therefore, many players want to buy NBA 2K23 Coins through third parties, but will be buying NBA 2K23 MT be banned by NBA 2K? Today we come to learn more about buying MT.

In NBA 2K games, it is against the game’s rules to buy NBA 2K MT. NBA 2K officially prohibits players from purchasing MTs because they can negatively affect the game economy and damage the gameplay of you and other players.

Will NBA 2K ban me from buying NBA 2K23 MT?

  1. What is the probability of NBA 2K punishing the purchase of MT?
  2. How does NBA 2K tell if you bought MT?
  3. How to avoid being discovered by NBA 2K when buying MT coins?
  4. What are the tips for buying MT coins?

What is the probability of NBA 2K punishing the purchase of MT?

As our records outline, if you normally get a smaller amount, there is only a 1-2% chance of being caught, while the penalty is a warning or clearing the coin. The probability of being detected in a major event rises to 10%. When you are deemed to have gotten a good deal through the occasion, the penalties are even harsher and can lead to account bans.

How does NBA 2K tell if you have purchased NBA 2K23 MT?

We found that 2K used two main pieces of evidence:

Complete a large number of transactions in a short period. If you’ve traded dozens of players in a short period, and the players’ price tags deviate from market value, you may raise the flag. Getting huge MT coins in short order may also raise the flag.

How to avoid being discovered by NBA 2K when buying NBA 2K23 MT?

Buying a small amount of MT regularly is protected, don’t buy too much before or during a crazy occasion.
If you are purchasing a moderate quantity at one time, such as 100k MT, we recommend that you use our self-delivery system to purchase MT and submit MT immediately.

When you buy a large quantity like 500k, we recommend: a small quantity, many instances, such as 250k * two days = 500k.

If you’re listing a bronze or silver player, we recommend setting your current purchase value to <5000 and trading in small amounts, which will greatly reduce your chances of being discovered. If you list gold players this way, it’s almost 100% safe.

What are the recommendations for buying NBA 2K23 MT?

NBA 2K punishes players with three solutions they acquire from third parties.

  • Warning: NBA 2K will send an email warning to players who purchased coins.
  • Clearing Coins: NBA 2K will clear Coins if a player is found to have recently purchased Coins and is warned
  • Account ban: NBA 2K will clear all coins and cards from the account and, in some cases, will delete NBA 2K23.

When you have to go and buy NBA 2K23 MT, you can buy safe and reliable MT online. This means you can save money by getting it from a respected dealer rather than directly with a 2K game, which will cost you more cash. There is no evidence that NBA 2K prohibits everyone from making such purchases or any mechanism.

Finally, there is always the danger of getting it from a third party. Please think about it before buying.

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