The crazy Soviet FPS Atomic Heart will be decided. However, it suggests that the release has been postponed slightly

Publisher Focus Entertainment announced on September 8 that the company will sell the FPS game Atomic Heart in regions except for some. It is also suggested that the release time, which was said to be this year, may be shifted early next year.

Atomic Heart is an adventure FPS set in a fictional world modeled on the Soviet Union. Developed by Russian developer Sunfish. In this work, the player becomes a special investigator and goes to investigate the federal confidential facility. So the protagonist encountered countless runaway robots and abnormal existence of hell. Using melee weapons, guns, psychic powers, etc., you will be fighting in a whirlpool of madness and violence.

Focus Entertainment has announced that it will sell the PC and console version of this work under the partnership with Sunfish. In this work Steam store page, the publisher of this work has been replaced with FOCUS Entertainment. In addition, there is a notation that Steam is still supported by Japanese display. On the other hand, the company does not work in the CIS (independent national community) and in the Asian region. For the console version of each region, it is also expected that another publisher will be in charge.

What is worrisome is that the expression of the release time has changed with this announcement. The release time of Atomic Heart was described as ###################Q4 2022. In other words, it is an expression that is released from September to December 2022. On the other hand, the announcement is described as This work, which was planning to release in 2022, aims to release this winter (THIS WINTER). In other words, it will be an expression that can afford not only this winter but also the early spring of next year. In any case, it seems good to think that it will not be a significant postponement.

Atomic Heart will be released to PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. It is said that the specific release time will be announced later.

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