I thought it was a low world, but it was this world

In November, Ad Tech Gate Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ad Tech Co., Ltd. (CEO Kang Yul-bin), which is scheduled to be merged with Neptune, is launching a neglected simulation game ‘It was a low world. It was revealed.

‘I thought it was a low world, but it was this world’ is an authentic fantasy game that aims to move to another world and grow and grow and return to reality.

The characteristics of the game include ▲ 150 kinds of monsters such as goblins in the forest, dungeon dragon in the forest ▲ Natural system that automatically progresses with only two connections a day. Fostering characters ▲ providing various contents that test characters such as training centers and colosseum ▲ Providing various contents ▲ Daily reward systems and various promotions.

In commemoration of the launch of ‘I thought it was a low world, it was a world,’ the event will be presented to all customers by giving game points, which are the game points, and A-class equipment by the 12th of this month.

Alpigate, who developed the game, launched the ‘Low World Award, but it was a world’, and launched the neglected simulation game, ‘Gun-gu Follico’, and plans to introduce a new RPG in the second half of the year.

We have introduced this project as a minority elite team with experience in the development of neglected game development, said Alpige Gate. I will try to provide various contents such as webtoons.


Meanwhile, Alpigate’s parent, AdX, announced a merger with Neptune in August, and a merger will be implemented on November 1, and Alpigate will also be a subsidiary of Neptune.

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