BLOOBER TEAM and Bannam also participate! Horror Game Showcase FEAR FEST: BLACK SUMMER Japan Time will be held on September 7

Polish-based PuarDemic announced that the horror game showcase Fear Fest: Black Summer will be distributed on YouTube on September 7, Japan Time on September 7.

In this event, publishers and developers such as Bloober Team, Bandai Namco EU, Nacon, and Creepy Jar of the Layers of Fear series have participated, and more than 80 new horror titles It will be introduced, interviewed developers, and more than 20 popular streakers will be played, and there are also surprises. In the Feardemic’s Fear Fest 2022 held in February 2022, the latest horror ADV Darq: COMPLETE edition and the crazy spiritual horror Dark Fracture The trailer has been announced.

The horror game showcase Fear Fest: Black Summer, which introduces more than 80 horror titles and interviews, will be distributed on the official YouTube channel from 2:00 am on September 7 Japan time.

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