Ocean Drive, Coop shooter new Black Out Protocol released

Ocean Drive Studio unveiled its second new work, ‘Black Out Protocol,’ along with the opening of the PAX West in Seattle.

The Blackout Protocol is a logic top view shooter game set in the background of a series of emergencies in the secret base section 13 of the secret company S2P Corporation, which manages unknown supernatural technologies and microorganisms. It is carried out with a three-person coop, and it also has a suspense element that relies on a small flashlight light in the dark base. It is also characterized by a strategic fun that combines and corresponds to collaboration play and skill cards dropped during the game when encountering unknown creatures in the base.


The blackout protocol, which was first unveiled on site visitors at the PAX WEST, will be released as a PC/console package, and will be confirmed later through the user feedback.

Ocean Drive Studio is an independent development studio founded by Kim Hee-jae, CEO of FIFA Online 1 and 2 and the development of the Three Kingdoms Jojo. In addition, we are developing various PCs and console games such as action RPGs using ‘Swordsman’s youngest son’ IP.

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