How to get wood in the farthest border

Wood is one of many types of resources that you will need to build a settlement in Farthest Frontier.

It will not be a mistake to say that wood is the most important of all available resources. This is because you need wood for almost everything. You cannot build and improve buildings without wood. You also cannot light a fire or cook food to feed your people without firewood.

Therefore, wood is a necessary resource that makes many of your everyday actions possible. In the next leadership, we will consider all the methods by which you can collect wood for your settlement in the far line.

crop of trees for wood

The first thing to do is place your Town Center next to a thick forest with a lot of trees. This gives your residents an easy access to trees so that they can collect wood faster.

After creating the city center, select a tree and click the Collection of Resources button. This will order your rural residents to start chopping a tree for firewood.

To save time, do not forget to choose a few trees or a whole area of the forest for a collective harvest of your residents. You can also use a combination of keys for collecting wood by pressing h on the keyboard.

If your inhabitants have several tasks, such as collecting wood and stone, you can choose trees and press the priority so that your residents first cut down trees before going behind the stone.

hire workers to collect wood

Harvesting is the main way to obtain wood in Farthest Frontier. However, there is another way.

As soon as your settlement moves forward, you will have the opportunity to hire lumberjacks. Their work is to automatically go and bring wood to your city center. You do not need to choose any trees or give any orders. Journalists will do all the work for you.

The Log Workers setting is also important because you are probably going to cut down all nearby trees at the beginning of the game. To manually find more trees, it will take time. You can spend this time on other things, while your lumberjacks will constantly supply you with wood.

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