Umamusume demonstrators appeared in Pangyo

Umamus Me Pretty Derby (Umamusume) users began to protest in earnest. The demonstration began a day before the schedule that was announced due to rain.

On the 29th, Umamus Me users held a ‘wagon demonstration’ by sending a carriage to the company, which repulsed the game’s operation policy and wrote a protest. The protests were originally scheduled to be held on the 30th, but the heavy rain forecasts on Tuesday and Wednesday was forecast. The wagon continued to clockwise the Alpha Dome building with Kakao Games, starting with Kraf Tone Tower from 10:15 to 10:15.

The wagon protests went around for a while, and then went around one wheel again. Not only gamers and industry officials, but also the general public did not hide their curious eyes. Umamusume users who visited the site followed the wagons, and there was also a chance to experience riding experience to some users on the spot during the break. The user who experienced the horse riding experience said, Even if you simply discriminate against the Japanese server or treatment of treatment, the quality of translation and the lack of communication from the management side are a bigger problem.


The wagon demonstrations were originally scheduled to be held until 4 pm, but it was completed at 3 pm to protect horses as it continued to rain. After the demonstration, a brief press conference with Umamusume consumer Ildong Park Dae-sung was held. Park pointed out the service discrimination with the Japanese server and the issue of communication with Kakao Games. We plan to proceed with additional demonstrations if the will is not delivered properly, he said.

Park Dae-sung also said that he can deliver a statement to the Saigames. I know that there is a Governor in Korea, but if there is a bad thing, I will deliver opinions directly. Regarding the meeting with the management, he also said, You will have to come with the degree of knowledge that can understand the question and the head of the person in charge of determining the opinions.

Recently, Umamusme has been suffering from domestic services. Compensation goods and various events were different compared to the Japanese server, or the noise related to events and apology was accumulated, and gamer complaints accumulated. Some users went on a demonstration of lowering the Google Play Store rating, and on the 24th, it continued to raise wagon demonstrations. The wagon protests prepared for the game concept showing the horses were closed with a total amount of 954,418 won in about 30 minutes, and the protests were held a week before a week.

Kakao Games said, I sincerely apologize to users who have been inconvenient to use the service. We will try to improve the opinions of users and improve it, and we will do our best for the service.

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