Elite Pads counterpart? Sony, the new controller Dual Sense Edge

On the 24th, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) first unveiled its new controller ‘Dual Sense Edge’ at Gamescom 2022.

Dual Sense Edge is similar to the existing dual sense, but it is a new advanced controller that allows users to customize the key settings.

Users can change their keys to their own style, disable them, and match the sensitivity of analog sticks. It is also possible to adjust the input distance of the tree in detail to enter the button faster. The functions adjusted separately by the user can be stored through ‘profile’ and can be loaded with each game.

Three rear buttons are also available to enable more detailed operation. Analog sticks are designed to be replaced and will be sold separately.

The price and specific sales time of the dual sense edge is not set. SIE explained that it plans to disclose additional information related to the dual sense edge in the next few months.

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