16 cards between 1860 and Halle: This is impressive

From the dismissal against Deniz, the Munich team likewise drawn their final thoughts. Köllner reacted with a three-time adjustment during the break and also took Lannert, Meris Skenderovic and Martin Kobylanski off the pitch since they were warned in the initial fifty percent.

I assume it’s hard due to the fact that it is really emotional here in the stadium.

Niklas Landgraf

In 1860 Munich, the twelve-year-old third-division start record of the Offenbacher Meris Skenderovics has hired 3-1 versus Halleschen FC. After the last whistle, not only the strong beginning of the period caused a discussion, yet additionally the performance of referee Steven Greif: It was tough. I am currently not a good friend of defeating up the umpire, yet I think the level of what he Laid the day was not reasonable for the gamers, Löwen trainer Michael Köllner told Magenta Sport.

The 28-year-old referee allow a lot run in the early minutes before changing his line with the first caution versus Christopher Lannert after a quarter of an hour. The instead petty line likewise felt Tunay Deniz, which was avoided the pitch 10 minutes after his yellow card with yellow-red-a difficult choice with which the Halleers did not agree: After the red card, this has actually already been a little bit Changed up since we have currently really felt unjustly dealt with, claimed HFC captain Niklas Landgraf, however additionally took protection: I think it’s hard since it is really emotional in the stadium here.


7 yellow cards in the last 23 minutes

In the additional training course, a flood of cards developed: in the last 23 mins, Greif revealed 7 more yellow cards. There were a total amount of 13 yellow and also two red cards: This is naturally ridiculous, stated Halle’s train André Meyer and also although the 38-year-old made the umpire’s performance in charge of the result, he also revealed: Everyone has a bad one Tag as well as if he looks like that the outcome for us experiences the end, then the bitter is bitter.

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