Pearl Abyss Black Desert Mobile, new class Captain update

[Hur Jin-young Moon Young-soo] Pearl Abyss (CEO Hur Jin-young) updated the new class ‘Captain’ of ‘Black Desert Mobile’ on the 16th.

Captain is a awakening class of Corsair, which uses the main weapon ‘Patraca’ and ‘Anchor’. The fog, approached the enemy, cut with the sword, and the opponent has a combat style that shoots and attacks the harpoon and uses an anchor to neutralize the wide range of enemies.


Captain is the captain of the Palpic Pirate Pirates, which can summon pirates armed with various canvases to direct the assistance bombardment. By creating various variables, you can cooperate in the right place so that captains can take control of the battlefield.

In commemoration of the captain update, Pearl Abyss will hold a daily mission event of the enemy. You can receive hot time, totem boxes, and abyss-grade ornaments at each mission.

The ‘Daily Support for Palgic Sea’ will be held until 9:00 on the 30th. Depending on the connection time, we pay ‘the loot of the enemy’. If you open the loot, you can get one of the ancient aesthetic patterns, a letter of recommendation, a phase growth support box, an essence of horsepower, and an Armelli debris.

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