Disney & Marvels game announcement event announced! New announcement title also broadcast on September 10 at 5:00 am

Disney has announced that it will distribute Disney & MARVEL GAMES SHOWCASE as an event in the D23 EXPO scheduled to be held from the 9th of next month.

This event is an event where Disney and Marvel games will be announced. In addition to the new title that has not been announced, Disney is a Life Sim Disney Dream Light Valley , which creates a village with friends of Disney Pixar, Lego Game Lego® Star Wars / Skywalker / Skywalker・ Saga ] will be announced.

Marvel is a new studio of Skydance NEW MEDIA, a new studio of the Creative Director of the SRPG Marvel Midnight Sands , a developer of XCOM and Civilization with the theme of the dark side Marvel Universe. A new Marvel work that will be an action adventure game will be unveiled.

Disney & MARVEL GAMES SHOWCASE will be broadcast from 5:00 am on September 10 Japan time.

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