LOL: The theory about a new champion that excites the players and fits with Riots plans

Although League of Legends will not receive new champions immediately, from Riot Games they have wanted to carry out a great advance on the characters that will be incorporated into the game over the coming months. A presentation in which heroes were highlighted by the community and in which developers have given rise to an interesting theory. From the company they usually play the mistake with very searching phrases in which they offer very interesting clues about the upcoming incorporations to the squad and what the players found this time is particularly interesting.

A dog like League of Legends champion

The theory about how Riot Games performs The ads is evident if we pay attention to the original language version. The developer introduces details that reveal the aesthetics of the champion, their mechanics or even his name. Before carrying out the announcement of Vex they titled their advance as Life Can Be So Vexing. They also referred to her by emphasizing the word Gloomy (bleak or sad in Spanish). This was not the only case since with Gwen they did something similar saying snipping (cutting) or sew (sewing). All this context is more than necessary to understand the following image…

The theory of which a dog or wolf are on the calendar as new League of Legends champions comes through the previous image since all references focus on these two species of the animal world. Riot Games plays with the double sense of Hound Me that translates as harassing. However, Hound is literally hound. It also appears Barking as Ladrar and Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone Here, which would literally be a damn bone here. Finally, is seen the possibility that it is not a human who carries the Darkin weapon that has been announced for this character. From the company they say Who… or what, which means who… or what.

A theory that makes sense in the universe of League of Legends

Cebotaru is the name of an ascended by Shurima to which the story of League of Legends has already referred as a Darkin and, as you are imagining, it is a wolf shape. The texts about the Lore of the game refer to him as a being with four muscular, hairy and grayish arms hunched in fists with claws. Of course, are descriptions that fit the quadruped theory . In addition, knowing that Riot Games is increasingly expanding their stories, it seems very possible that from the developer they want to bet on a figure that already exists in the official documents about the video game. However, that is not even all.

To finish square the theory you have to talk about the great absence in Riot Games ads. The developer had promised a monster as a new character facing next year. However, he has not talked about him despite being one of the most anticipated novelties by the community. In this sense, there have been League of Legends players who have understood that the monster and Darkin will be the same champion. It is the most indebted test of all, but creates the sea of forceful.

To get out of doubt we will have to wait a long time. This new champion is, at best, third in the waiting list. In addition, Riot Games plans to reduce the rhythm of launching characters to make more updates to the old heroes. It is no accident that they have given us so many clues . What the company wants is that the League of Legends community has plenty of time to entertain before the news arrives.

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