Evolved area battle! Now we compete with 4: 2: 2Splatoon 3

Nintendo conducted the Splatoon 3 Direct, which contains the latest information of ‘Splatoon 3’, which is scheduled to be released on September 9th. The new contents of ‘Splatoon 3’, which had not been released in the Direct, were introduced.

The Splatoon series is a TPS game with the core of ‘area battle’. Unlike other shooting games, Splatoons are not key to killing enemies. It is important to kill the enemy, but there is more important. It uses a variety of weapons to paint more areas than the opposing team. In other words, killing an enemy is more likely to prevent the opponent’s painting rather than the concept of raising the score of allies. In order to win, it is not only to kill the enemy, but to paint the area where the stage and the opponent of the stage are painted.

In the Direct, two new action systems were introduced to make the area battle more fun. The first system introduced is ‘Jean Fish Roll’. It is also likely to enjoy more thrilling shooting action by avoiding the opponent’s attack by rotating on the ground or wall with the technology used in the squid or octopus.

Subsequently, ‘Jinge Claim’ is a technology that rides up the wall. It can jump much higher than a regular jump, but it can also be used to surprise your opponent on your head, not just jumping high.

Lastly, it is not an action introduced in this Direct, but it is also worth noting that the new feature was added. You can choose the spawn point freely, so you can use the sponner to look down the ground in the air and select the descent point.

Subsequently, the stage was followed. The most noticeable is the various gimmicks added to the new stage. The Museum of Art, an art museum in Orderpolis, the stage of the previous work, is in the center of the map, and the Mahi Mahi Resort & Spa will provide a variety of variables, such as gimmicks such as the map is submerged or revealed over time. see.

In addition to the weapons of the previous work, a number of new weapons of Splatoon 3 are added. A typical wiper that can cover both a bow-type weapon stringer and a short range and a distant distance is a typical example. Stringer varies depending on the degree of pulling. If you pull it short, it fires an ink, but when it is fired after the charge, the ink bomb explodes after 1 second and the wiper blows the ink every time you wield a weapon.

Special Weapons and Subwifun, which can overturn the field battle, are also essential. The newly introduced special weapons are three types of energy stands, Hope Sona and shark riders. The energy stand is a secondary special weapon, which has no attack ability, but it creates a drink that provides a variety of help. The drink can be eaten as well as the team members.

Hope Sona tells you the position of your opponent around you when installed. At the same time, the sound waves are exported to damage the opponent who touched the sound wave. The sound wave can be avoided by damage. The shark rider is a special weapon that explodes after dashing, and it is expected to provide a chance of a single reversal as it can quickly access the enemy nearby.

This time, the customization element that decorates a character that can be called his alter ego is also alive this time. Not only weapons but also costumes. You can buy a variety of gears, but not just decorating the appearance, but also a variety of gear power, from speeding up running speeds to improving jinge climits, making it a character specialized for your play style.

I like the appearance of the gear, but I don’t worry if I don’t like the gear power. As you can change to other gear power, put the gear of your favorite appearance and attach the gear power to fit your play style.

In the lobby, you can also enjoy the value match (Bankara Match) in addition to the area battle. Value match is not much different from its predecessor. Occupation Value Area occupied by the central area, a shipping value baseball that climbs to the tower and pushed towards the enemy’s position, the value hook in the center of the map, and the value hooked battle in the goal, and the stage sown all over the stage. ) There are four types of value Asari in the opponent’s camp.

In addition, in the lobby, it is also possible to practice weapons, train with a friend who added a friend, or look back on the previous battle through replay. On the other hand, in the locker room on the other hand, you can decorate your locker, and you can customize your name plate, badge and character emotions as your tastes. Name plates can be obtained from the grocery store catalog, and the catalog will be released for two years after the official launch of Splatoon 3.

The mini game is added to the Deck Building Area Battle Game. The basic system is equivalent to the area battle. 1: 1 card game should be formed with various areas cards to paint more areas than opponents.

The salmon run and hero mode, which were in the previous series, have evolved further. In the cooperative PVE content salmon run that four players have to form a team and kill the giant salmon in a limited time, acquire salmon eggs, and collect more than the number of times, two new types of Nabe Buta and TEQ are newly made in new huge salmon..

Nabebuta installs a barrier that protects the salmon on the air in the air. Tekyu is a shell that blows shells from afar, and shells need to be processed quickly because they are shockwaves.

In the hero mode, a single play mode that has been continuing from the first episode, the player is looking for garbage with young salts and spending a day to earn a day. By meeting with squid troops, he becomes a member of the ‘No. 3’ and fights against the wicked octopus corps.

At the end of the Direct, an idol unit that symbolized the splatoon series appeared. The name of the idol unit, which will decorate ‘Splatoon 3’, following one squid Sisters and two Tentacles, is Samhap. It is an idol consisting of three people in the successor of the shark trainer, Huka, Gomchi Training Clan Utsuho, and Manta, an ancient dance.

Unlike the two idol units of the previous work, the festival also changed. In the previous festival, the players were divided into two with one theme, but this time it is divided into three.

The area battle is also characterized by a 4: 4 fight to 4: 2: 2 in the name of trital battles. The four-person team is in the center of the stage, and the two teams are in the form of the center at both ends of the stage, and must compete to paint the most areas.

Lastly, ‘Splatoon 3’ announced that it will add X-match, league match, new catalogs, weapons, and stages with a free update after the official launch. In addition, large-scale paid DLC will be released, and detailed information will be released later.


Meanwhile, ‘Splatoon 3’ announced that it will hold a premiere festival to commemorate the direct. ‘What is the strongest?’ The festival, which is under the theme of, must choose one of scissors, rocks, and beams, and will be held from 9:00 on August 28 to August 28.

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