SNK develops a new work in Arang Legend in more than 20 years.

SNK develops a new work of the Arang Legend series.

The new Arang legend announced through EVO 2022 is the latest series released in 20 years after the Arang Mark of the Wolves, which was released in 1999. However, the video itself is very short, so additional information, including the release date, cannot be confirmed yet.

In a 30-second video, ‘The City of Legend Stills’,’ Hungry Wolves Back on the ProWL ‘, and’ A new fate hidden in the darkness Destiny Hidden in Darkness), I can see Lock Howard, the main character of Arang Mark of the Wolves.

Arang Legend is a series that has led the 90’s fight boom since its first work in 1991, and can be said to be the origin of SNK’s fighting game. Since 1999, no new release has been released, but characters have been steadily in the King of Fighters series.


Meanwhile, EVO 2022, which has been released the latest Arang legend, also revealed DLC characters and updates, including the distribution of the King of Fighters 15 DLC Character Awakening Team.

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