Microsoft has started trying the family plan of Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has begun to test the family plan of Xbox Game Pass limitedly. From this moment on, the subscribers residing in Ireland and Colombia, who also belong to the company’s insider program, can add up to four people to the Ultimate Plan, which will give them access to all its advantages. According to the details that are known at the moment, each of the members of the Plan will have their own profile and must all reside in the same country. However, it is not necessary for all members to belong to the company’s test program. As they detail in the official Microsoft blog, to access the Insider program, it is enough to enter the Store and acquire the Xbox Game Pass subscription-Insider Preview. If we already have a subscription to another program, it will be updated according to its price equivalence table.

We are always looking for ways to offer the most valuable options to discover and share games with their community, said Tyler Mittleider, director of the Xbox technical program, during the presentation of this plan. Although an official date for the worldwide launch of this family plan has not yet been announced, some sources close to the company point out that it could be available at the end of this year. If the conditions and prices of this test are maintained, the family plan would be the cheapest way to access the Microsoft games subscription service.

Game Pass Ultimate is the most complete plan within Game Pass and includes, in addition to the company’s update games library, access to EA Play, the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and access to Xcloud. It has not yet been detailed if the family subscription will be available for other plans.

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