The new free Epic Games Store game is a great alternative to Minecraft

Blocks, Cooperative and Construction . This week’s free game at the Epic Games Store is Unrailed!, Whose name may not tell you anything, but it will be capable of taking a smile and more than one afternoon of fun if you give it the opportunity. In this curious proposal we will have to send our train from one station to another while we draw all kinds of problems and hazards in random scenarios generated procedurally . With a 77 in Metacritic and Competitive Mode included, Unrailed! It will be available to download free until August 11 .

  • Download HERE UNRAILED! Free in Epic Games Store

This describes the game on the website of the Epic Games Store: Unrailed! It is a chaotic multiplayer game cooperative, both local and online , in which you have to build a railroad along with your friends along of endless worlds generated procedurally . You must mGames Storeter the meetings with their inhabitants, improve your train and prevents derail. It gathers resources and manufactures rails to expand your railroad and prevent the train from reaching the end. But be careful There is only one tool of each type. It is essential that the team collaborates and is coordinated to survive ** to an increGames Storeingly difficult trip.

How to download free Epic Games Store games on PC

The process to download the free Epic Games Store games is composed of four simple steps:

  1. The first thing is to create an account in Epic Games Store. It is free and you can do it at any time through this link.
  2. Fill all the necessary data and information fields (name and surname, user nickname, pGames Storesword, email, etc., etc.).
  3. Accept the terms of service, and check the email.
  4. Once you have your account, enter the link of the game we shared above, log in and exchange arailed!.

Remember that before playing you will need to have the Epic Games launcher or customer installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from this link and offers access to the entire free games library that we are collecting.

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