Where do Susamaru V Project Slayers?

Project Slayers is an anime game on Roblox, full of adventures and many capabilities, from various coaches, quests and epic battles with bosses. Victory over the bosses can be useful to increase the level of your character, get powerful production or just fulfill the quest. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find bosses, especially because some of them appear only at a certain time, for example, Susamaru. Susamaru is, in particular, one of the bosses from which unique prey can fall out and even potentially allow your character to get a special ability. This is how you can find it so that you can grind his unique drops.

Susamaru location in Project Slayers

Susamaru is a boss of the late game, which makes him a stronger boss to win, and also more difficult to find him. Susamaru may appear outside Outabayashi’s house But since they are the bosses of the late game, you may not be able to see them until you move further in the game and you will not reach the highest level . However, they burn in the sun, which means that you can only see them on night . Some other bosses and demons may also appear in this place, so follow other attacks.


How to find Susamaru in Project Slayers

House of OUBYASHY is a rather invisible place in Project Slayers, and it is difficult to find it naturally. The easiest way to get there to find Susamaru is to use map point to unlock in location . As soon as you do this, you can use the red arrow compass Find it or easily talk with horse guys for quick movement right there. You can unlock the map glasses using Robux or spending 1200 Wen. If you have neither one nor the other, you can try to find it naturally by going to the section north-east of the village of Kiribating But you will need to go around some mountains and other dangerous enemies to find it.

What can you get from Susamaru in Project Slayers?

Susamaru is a very dangerous opponent, but his defeat can bring your character really great prey. They are able to discard chest 2, but also special. The ability of Temari Temari users called Tamari Meteor . This rare move has only a 10% chance to be achieved by winning Susamaru, which means that you may have to fight them several times before you actually collect it.

Here’s how you can find Susamaru in Project Slayers and potentially get several powerful drops from them. Let us know in the comments below whether you managed to fight with them and what you got!

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