Wild Rift: We will have more wild competitions, The Wild Circuit is announced

The phenomenon of mobile games every day advances much more due to the demand of players who enter the market every day, a particular case is League of Legends Wild Rift that had Leviathan, Furious Gaming and Stamina Particles of the maximum ICONS contest, due to this, it has been chosen to include new competitions so that there are more events throughout the year apart from the regional leagues.

The Wild Circuit is the name of the new contest where both professional and semiprofession to have a greater amount of competitions throughout the year and with the beginning of the second competitive season.

With the creation of these new competences, we seek to continue promoting competitiveness and expand the number of events where players can participate to continue preparing more professionally. These regions will have to work with external organizers to organize events officially regulated from July 18 to October 23, which means that those who want to organize events will first have the approval of Riot Games.

In Latam there will be several partners and organizations that will be developing competencies that provide fans of the Wild Rift an entertaining and wild experience:

  • LVP (Movistar Starcups)
  • ESL (go4wildrift)
  • Ace (The Thunder Rift)
  • GC (Movistar Super Series)
  • 1b (Ladder League)

* SE (Major League)
* Sog (wild legends)

With all of the above, the players of Wild Lolcito will be happy to know that they will have many opportunities to generate a greater impact within the crack to demonstrate their level before the other competitors with which they will face throughout the competitions and Now with all this we can see a lot of action in the remainder of the year

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