Neowiz recruits the first private test participants in the PC game Aka

[CEO Jean-François Moon Young-soo] Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) recruits the first private test (CBT) of the casual healing adventure game ‘AKA’, which is being developed by Cosmo Gato (CEO Jean-François Barthelemi) do.


Aka is a healing adventure game in the Open World, telling the story of a retired soldier, a retired soldier, looking back and healing while meeting the souls who were affected by the war. The island can be given through gathering and production, and it provides fun through various activities such as mini games, swimming, cloud observation, and island exploration.

The test will be held for a week from August 9 to 16, and anyone can participate through Steam. There are eight languages: English, French, Simplified Chinese, and Chinese Traditional.

Neowiz has also released Aka’s demo trailer on the official YouTube channel. In a 1 minute 20-second video, you can see the main characters walking around the pine island, as well as quests such as seed spraying, crushing fence, and bicycle fixing.

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