Skate 4 will be free-to

It’s over to talk about Skate 4, The game is titled Skate to dry , a solution that hgame been like in the video game industry. Leaving the number means that it is a restart, something fresh, although within a consolidated saga. The announcement hgame been made during The Board Roam, a streaming broadcgamet in which the project managers have reflected on their creation. game important game the title is your business model: it will be Free-to-Play.

The game will reach PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, although it is unknown if that includes the previous generation platforms (Xbox One and PS4) or only those of new generation (PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S). In any cgamee, it hgame not been built exactly game a sequel to the previous three, but rather game a platform.

Free-to-Play, how will microtransactions be?

Despite its condition game Free-to-Play, the Full Circle study hgame stressed that there will be not or booty boxes or abusive microtransactions . In the cgamee of the latter, the idea is that the contents that are sold are mostly cosmetics, so there will be no elements of nature pay-to-win or places of the map veiled to those who do not pay for the DLC in question.

game for the location, the game will take place in a new (fictitious) city known game San Vansterdam , which is within the same universe of San Vanelona.

Some selected players have had the opportunity to participate in preliminary tests, although they have seen themselves forced to sign a confidentiality contract that prevents them from sharing videos, images and others. However, one of the build is now available online. EA hgame been clear about it:

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