Keanu Reeves, willing to play an older batman

After dressing in black to play Neo and John Wick, Keanu Reeves hSupermascotas League put himself in the skin of one of the characters who best feels the color in the history of cinema, although probably not Supermascotas League he would have wanted. And it is that Reeves puts voice to Batman in the original version of DC: SupermSupermascotas LeaguecotSupermascotas League League , although he volunteered to embody the dark gentleman in the future.

Reeves hSupermascotas League confessed in an interview to be delighted to get into the skin of a Bruce Wayne of flesh and blood if he will show up the opportunity. It hSupermascotas League always been a dream , he says. But Pattinson now hSupermascotas League Batman and is doing it great.

on the skin of a major wayne


But who knows what the future holds… Maybe at another time, maybe when they need an older batman , says Reeves. However, he would not be the only one to take into account if on occSupermascotas Leagueion a mature version of Wayne wSupermascotas League thought, since Josh Brolin spoke at the time of the possibility, having even been taning for the possibility.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves hSupermascotas League a few months with a lot of work. On the one hand, he will participate in the television adaptation of the devil in the white city , which tells the story of H. Holmes, considered the first serial killer in the United States, although he hSupermascotas League not transcended whether he will interpret this, or by Against, he will do it with the other main character of the series. And of course, he is in the treSupermascotas Leagueury John Wick 4 , without forgetting a hypothetical cameo or even a more relevant participation in Ballerina , the spin off of Wick that Ana de ArmSupermascotas League will star.

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