Domestic CO-OP shooter Glich Busters: Stack-on You Advanced Play Repo & Developer Interview. What is the mechanism to expand the frontage of cooperative play

Toilogic and SkyBound Games will launch the cooperative player Glich Busters: Stack-on You (hereinafter, Glitch Busters). The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch. It will be released in the winter of 2022.

Glitch Busters is a 3D action shooting from the third person. The stage is the world in the Internet. Players confront the mysterious virus spread among the residents AI as a member of the rescue team, Tuber. The purpose of this game is to defeat enemies, help in need residents, and save the Internet world. The three-dimensional stage contains enemies and obstacles that form a variety of forms under the influence of the mysterious virus. Players operate their alter ego, Tubar, kick out enemies and obstacles with guns, and sometimes cooperate to release the gimmicks to create a road, and aim for the stage. It is compatible with multiplayer for 1 to 4 players, so it is possible to capture the stage with the CPU. Even if your life is 0 due to the enemy’s attack, you can return by helping other players. If you reach the goal before all your friends run out, you will clear the stage.

The development of this work is a domestic development company toilogic. In the past, in the past, the multi-play action Happy Wars has been released. Most recently, he has been involved in the development of Nintendo 3DS version, In search of Dragon Quest XI, Time Passing and Nier Replicant Ver.1.2247487139…. This time, prior to the release of this winter, I experienced the cooperative play of Grich Busters. With the latest screenshots, we will deliver the experience play and the media joint interview with developers.

This time, I played the Tubar City, a major city. A unique map that feels like the Internet, with video-type advertisements flowing here and there, and smartphone icons are lined up. The feature of this work is the cooperative action using magnets. A part of the player’s body is U-shaped magnet, and one button can move to the place where other players are. Thanks to this, even if you fall off with other players or lose sight of traveling, you can move to the place where you have friends and re-partition. It is a mechanism that is easy to align between players. Using this mechanism, you can also tackle an enemy on a straight line with your friends.

There are other actions using magnets. Players can combine each other vertically, like Totem Paul. In addition to the items on the hills, it is easy to pick up, and in this state only the lowest player is in charge of moving. While the player above is attacking the enemy, the lowest player can concentrate on avoidance. Union and dissolution can be freely performed, so switching is smooth. It is a flow of exploring the stage by dividing by hand, and combining strong enemies who are difficult to deal with alone and intensively attacking. In addition, this work supports online multiplayer and multiplayer in offline screen splitting. In the stage clearing, the cooperation between players is the key, so I felt that it would be more exciting to play while talking through voice chat.

When your life runs out, you can return by having another player help. There is also a lot of support for the restarting point that is often stumbled during play, such as frequently set, and scoring items are arranged along the direction of travel. In addition to the Tubber City played this time, there are a variety of stages, such as the forest of tweets on SNS, and the volcano stage where the like erupts from the volcano.

Through the experience play, I was impressed that this work was made with ease of play. There are many co-op shooters in the world, but what kind of ingenuity is included in this work? We talked to Yoshiya Nishii, the development producer of this work.

── First, please introduce yourself.

Ryoya Nishii (hereinafter Nishii):
My name is Nishii, a producer of Glitch Busters.


─ In the experience play, I felt a number of ideas for players to play and play happily. There are other cooperative play action shooting games, but what kind of ingenuity is the Glitch Busters, including differentiation from them?

In the case of cooperative play an action game, I think that there are many things that show each other’s position like I’m here. In addition to that, the Glitch Busters allows the lost players to move to other players with one button. Conversely, friends can rush to the troubled player.

And in general, shooting games with action need to shoot enemies while moving. I think it’s a very advanced operation. It was devised by the players piled up vertically and acted. While overlapping, the players at the bottom can concentrate on the shooting while dedicated to moving. Since the dad moves down, the child can share the operation of shooting while moving, such as attacking on the top. This makes the play a wide mouth wider, so that you can play with your family and friends.

──Pop and colorful visuals are eye-catching. How was this visual born?

I am inspired by American cartoon anime. There was a person who wanted to make a 2D illustration as a pseudo 3D, like bringing the 2D illustration into the world of 3D games. As a match, we asked the illustrator Shirimoto to our company. I asked Shirimoto for the character design and concept art of this work. As a whole, it is a world view of the Internet world, such as emoji and smartphones.

──How had the effect on the development of COVID-19 due to the expansion of COVID-19?

Well, in fact, this title was originally planned under the name Wils Busters. It was a name that was given as a game to defeat computer virus, but it leads to the image of infectious diseases. So I changed to a glitch, which means bugs and bugs.

──Changing the title is a big impact.

Speaking of the title, the subtitle Stack-on (nailed to you) is also called stack on a personal computer.

── It’s a word that is conscious of the world view. Finally, please give a word for players who are interested in Glitch Busters now.

This work focuses on where players can cooperate with each other. You can play together in the screen split as well as online, so I would like you to relax with your family and friends. We hope you enjoy the cooperation.

Thank you.

Glitch Busters: Stack-on You will be released in winter 2022. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

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