LoL: Faker is pissed off with Riot after the appearance of a controversial bug in the middle of a competitive game

The League of Legends competition is not exempt from the usual game failures and the last game of T1 has been marked by bugs. Throughout the series that pitted Faker’s team against Hanwha Life Esports, two long breaks took place and in both the situation was resolved against the interests of the mid laner. A situation that has left the man who is still considered the best player in history very upset, who has expressed his disappointment with Riot Games, calling the large number of video game failures unfortunate.

Faker criticizes the state of League of Legends

The controversy started in the second game, when Gumayusi (Ashe) realized that his runes were the wrong ones. The shooter claimed that it was a video game bug, but he did not pause the game until he had already reached the fourth minute. In this case, the fault lies with the T1 team for not realizing it in time, since the regulations of the major leagues establish minute 2 (or the occurrence of significant events) as the latest moment in which a game can be restarted. competitive League of Legends matchup unless there is a strong justification.

This situation has already heated up the atmosphere. Although it is true that they should have realized it earlier, the T1 players had to face a disadvantage caused by a game glitch. However, the straw that broke the camel’s back came in the third game. In this one, a new bug got in the way of Faker’s. This time it hit Oner (Xin Zhao) who had an extra Smash charge that allowed him to gain an unfair advantage in the opening minutes. Here we could charge against the jungler, but there are many problems that invite us to think that the obvious flaw in the game is coupled with a disastrous performance by the referees.

As soon as the bug happened, the T1 player reported it to the referees on two occasions. As these did not, he considered that he should continue playing normally. After all, he could be the one who was wrong. It wasn’t until minute seven, when Oner lands all five Smash charges in a technically impossible minute, that the match officials decide to paralyze her. After a period of reflection, they decide to apply the Chronobreak that they did not want to offer to Gumayusi, despite the fact that many minutes of the game had passed since then and the guys from Faker accumulated an advantage that we rarely see traced back in League of Legends competitive.


Finally, the T1 players were able to recover from the problems they had to face because of the game and they won, but that did not stop Faker from getting pissed off. In his post-match interview, the mid laner expressed that he had experienced this type of situation several times over the past few years and left a message for the developers. In the words of the player: It is unfortunate that Riot Games does not solve these problems. An obvious disappointment that shows some of the great problems of League of Legends as a competitive game.

Also, it should be noted that this is not the first T1 controversy with the referees of the LCK. The organization complained that Riot Games’ official explanation omitted the fact that Oner notified the officers in charge of the game just when the bug happened. This is not Faker’s first problem with the referees, who already suffered throughout the beginning of the year due to the lack of attention of the technical managers in the face of an obvious problem.

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