How to get into the love tower in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most popular metroids in this genre thanks to the magnificent graphics, a fascinating game process and an exciting plot. Because of this, many gamers went to Hallowest, exploring his halls and winning the beetles who call him a house. Nevertheless, fans may have problems looking for a love tower, and they are wondering where to find it in Hollow Knight.


where to find a love tower in Hollow Knight

You can find the tower of love of a hollow knight in the city of tears. It is located on the eastern side, marked on the map above. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the Tower of Love without a key of love, so make sure that you have this item before going here, otherwise you will have to turn around.

Inside the love tower, you can find a boss named a collector. This is an empty creature that catches other bugs in glass jars. If you defeat the collector, you will receive three larvae and a collector map as a reward, which shows the whereabouts of unaccounted larvae.

where to find a love key in Hollow Knight

The key of love can be found on the corpse of a beetle in the queen’s gardens. You can find this place in the lower eastern part of this area, marked on the map above. You will need an Isma tear to get to this area and take the key to love. Having gathered it, go to the city of tears to the Tower of Love and get ready for the battle with the collector.

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