Hoyo Bus ‘Unstable Incident Division’, various events are held for the first anniversary of launch

Hoyoverse announced on the 8th that it will hold various events on the 29th anniversary of the official launch on the 29th at the Mystery Love Simulation Mobile Game.

The Unresolved Incident is a game in which the player plays the role of a rookie lawyer in the virtual city of Mirim, conducts investigation and discussion, and solves the case.

Four male protagonists, a member of the NXX survey team, are in a relationship of mutual cooperation that helps players help against the evil forces that threaten justice and order.

On the first anniversary, the Rosy Festival began after the update on the last 5 days, and the Mirim Festival, a limited time, is also available.

During the event, you can explore Mirim City with the main characters, release ‘Festival progress’ and complete the ‘festival mission’ to receive card level business materials, event limited commemoration badges ‘time together’ have.

In addition, you can earn the event symbol currency ‘Festival liking sticker’ to get the anniversary limited business card ‘Festival and Mirim’ and the invitation background ‘Night Beach’.

In addition, a limited time event, Happy Game, which can be deeper with NXX members, will be held, so you can play mini games with four male heroes.

The ‘Gladiolus Mystery’ story mission is also opened in stages, and NXX members can solve events that occur in each Mirim area with NXX members, and the ‘Mirim City’ search system can be used at all times after the event.

In addition, the probability of the appearance of SSR cards of four male protagonists will increase in the shadow of the ‘Hot Kissing’ limited event.

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