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In July, we prepared an article ‘SKYWALKERS”s’ IT in July Recommendation & Parts’ article, which can confirm computer quotation consisting of various parts.

SKYWALKERS has been consistently answering gamers’ inquiries on IT AMDtory’s quotation bulletin boards for a long time, and also answers additional questions and questions about quotes. Based on the career of IT blogs, I share various hardware information and work as an IT AMDtory recommendation quote.

Based on the hardware and interest in hardware, ‘Computer Recommendation and Parts Information of this Moon’ is expected to be a lot of help when purchasing a new computer or curious about the parts. do.

In addition, the components of the computer quote, the manufacturers of the components, and the price-to-performance and utilization of the product can be divided by user, and it is difficult to see that there is a clear answer. Leaving your opinion is a welcome at any time, but please refrain from the act of damage to the author with aggressive remarks and personal attacks. thank you

Hello Skywalkers.

It is July when the heat starts in earnest.

The AMD Zen 4, which was announced last May, was questioned by many users at the time of the announcement. The improvement of the single core performance is that the IPC has increased because it does not provide accurate measurements while using the symbols that are over 15%. Robert Halok, an AMD executive, quickly posted a response to Twitter. The original text is literally “ We Were Deliberately Conservative with our Number on Single-Thread Performance. ” This seems to have intentionally hid the performance.

Since there are still a lot of time until the release date, I said that I will analyze and separate the contributions of the performance improvement of IPC and clock. This suggests that 15.5% 16% is not a fine performance improvement, but a higher level of performance improvement. There was certainly a long term for two years, but most of the users wondered that it was just 15%of the performance improvement.

There is also a rumor that the Zen3D processor will be released. Only 5800x3Ds have been released, but 5600x3D and 5900x3D may come out. In terms of game performance, the 5800x3D is at the top of the price, but due to the nature of the AMD Ryzen, the game performance is not significant.

Of course, it would be a problem that the next generation is coming quickly. In my opinion, however, I think that AMD will be designed with DDR4 memory and Zen 4 Rafael as DDR5, so that it can go to the two-track strategy. In the case of Intel, the 13th generation Raptor Lake will have a tremendous improved performance compared to the 12th generation, and it will be released in October. AMD responds to Raphael-X. Rafael-X is a model with 3D V-CACHE in Zen 4.

Since then, the CPU seems to have a fierce competition in the second half, and it is already exciting.

Not only the CPU, but also the graphics card, GeForce and Radeon are expected to launch a new generation. There is a rumor that GeForce will release 4000 times in September, and Radeon will launch in October or November. Both chipset manufacturers have not yet shown any information about the next generation performance. Before this summer, I’m looking forward to seeing information about performance one after another.

This month’s quote has not changed much from last month.

Unless it is sold out or discontinued, similar quotations will be maintained until the new CPU and graphics cards are released.

■ Office composition

It is the same 4650g configuration as last month. The price of each component is mostly lowered, so it’s about 10,000 won cheaper than last month.

Although it is an over spec to use as a general office for the 6-core 12 threaded product, it is a good idea to configure it as it is because of the large difference in performance and performance. If you want to configure it in a low-cost type, you can compose 3000g of Athlon, which has recently fallen to 60,000 won.

The general office general is the 12th generation celeron G6900 and the H610 chipset configuration. Memory is composed of 16 gigabytes of dual channels, making it suitable for simple office purposes such as surfing online and document work.

It is the same 5600g Cezanne-based composition as last month. The motherboard has changed to the B550 board, which is good for money, and the SSD consists of a sata-style product. If you need a quick speed, change the SSD to NVME product and the utilization will be much higher.

Intel’s high-quality configuration is also the same as the G7400 Elder Lake Pentium Gold and the H610 board combination. This is a CPU with 2 Core 4 threads and UHD710 built-in graphics. It is also a good choice to consider the product line with the higher product of the i3 12100 built-in graphics because the current distribution situation in the Pentium Gold lineup is not smooth.

■ Game composition

It is the same 5600-based composition as last month. The difference in game performance with 5600X is only 0.53%, and the price range is formed below 200,000 won. The motherboard is composed of the B550 chipset, and if you change it to the A320 chipset, the most popular product, the ASUS EX A320m-Gaming, the price will be even higher.

The graphics card consisted of Radeon RX 6600, but the 1660 Super and 1660 Ti, which were quite high, went down in the middle of 200,000 won, and the 2060 Super was also in the middle of the 300,000 won, so choosing a graphics card according to the propensity of users. I think it would be good.

It is the same 12400F-based composition as last month. Intel has a three-year free AS, the same as its 12th generation. The configuration is genuine, but you can check the difference between bulk products and price reasonably.

The graphics card consists of RX 6600, the same as the AMD configuration. It is not bad to select 1660 Super, 1660 Ti, 2060, 2060 Super, 3060, 3060 Ti, 6600, 6600 xt.

5600X and 3070 Ti-based configuration. In the last month, we changed the SSD for a year free AS from Samsung Electronics PM9A1 500GB to the Micron Crucial P5 Plus 500GB that can receive 5 years free AS. Whether it’s AMD or Intel, you can use the flagship product 3080ti or 6900 XT. You can choose within the amount you can invest.

It is also the same as last month, and only SSD has been changed to Micron Crucial P5 Plus 500GB. By 2400F, you can use the B660 motherboard, but if you go to the K version, it’s a good idea to be careful about your motherboard for the B660 chipset.

It is recommended that you construct a motherboard with driver mospets rather than N-channel Mosspet, which has a lot of power efficiency. The graphics card is composed of 3070 Ti, and as mentioned earlier, you can use the flagship product without bottleneck.

This is the 5800x3D configuration that shows the highest performance as last month. The launch price was in the middle of 600,000 won, but since this month, the launch has fallen down. There was no product for a while, so the amount was raised, but now it seems to have been in place.

The memory is also plenty of 32GB 3600MHz XMP, and the graphics card is also composed of 3080 Ti, which shows good performance as a game. The more games you send and receive game data in real time, the more 5800x3D will be shown. The representative game is Lost Arc. I think this composition is the best for the current game.

It is the same 12700K-based composition as last month. The memory is also generously configured as an XMP tuning RAM, and the graphics card is combined with a 3080 Ti to show great performances not only for games but also for work and broadcasting. If you are a simple game, you can change it to 12700kf or change to 12700, a non-K version. The difference in game performance between 12700 and 12700K (F) is about 2.8%.

■ High-end configuration

The 12-core 24 thread, the R9 5900X, the B550 motherboard with a strong power supply, and the 3600MHz 16 gigabytes 32 gigabytes. The graphics card is combined with 3080 Ti. Currently, the sales amount of 5900X is 520,000 won, which is more than 20,000 won compared to last month. Last month, it was the lowest price of all time, but this month can buy 12 core products at a lower amount. The game performance is also a great level, so it is a good system to use in various ways.

This month’s Intel High End configuration is based on the 12900 non-K CPU-based configuration, the same as last month. It is a system that allows you to take advantage of high core and threads of 16 core 24 threads, including games, work and broadcasting. It is not overclocking the CPU, so the power supply is combined with a strong product.

■ Workstation configuration

16 Core 32 Thread Ryzen 9 5950X and 32 gigabytes, PCI4.0 NVME SSD and RTX 3080 Ti combination. It is also the best configuration for deep learning, hard graphics and video work, and multiple broadcast transmission of content creators.

The graphics card also consists of the flagship RTX 3080 Ti, which will provide the best performance in deep learning and hard work. Starting this month, it will release the AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 5000WX series based on Zen 3.

24C/48T 5965WX, 32C/64T 5975WX, 64C/128T 5995WX, with three types of CPUs, the TDP of all CPUs is 280W. When full-scale distribution begins, the 5000WX series will be a workstation configuration until the next generation threadripper is released.

It is based on the I9-12900KF and the 3080 Ti’s I9-12900KF of 16 Core 24 Threads (8C/16T + 8C/8T) of the 12th generation of Intel as the same as last month. Whether it’s a game or a work, you can expect the best performance

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