Harvest Moon trifft Final Fantasy: Farming

Harvestella is as feasible among the crossover that fans have actually not understood about it thus far. Square Enix takes the farming facets of a Harvest Moon and also mixes it with an anime look and the battles of a JRPG à la Final Fantasy. The outcome not just has a very first trailer, yet also a release date in 2022.

Harvestella: Farming-Sim fulfills JRPG

Whether Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley or Rune Factory, games in which you manage your own ranch and lead your very own character with the game globe. Nonetheless, none of Square Enix, that, with Harvestella,, as it is stated in journalism release, wish to bring life simulation RPG onto the marketplace.

_ Mer announcement trailer for Harvestella: _

Certainly, the periods in Harvestalla likewise play a function as well as alter the look of the video game world and also job on your ranch. In Harvestella there are five and also not just four periods. Silentium is the name of the season of death , in which the plants cancel as well as no one attempts from the house. These bad phases are obtaining longer-a secret that you must get to the bottom.

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In Harvestella you can explore the globe as well as its towns and also obtain to understand various other characters and also of program construct relationships with them. With a group you can after that explore on dungeons and also battle monsters , due to the fact that Harvestella likewise provides action-packed gameplay via JRPG elements .

Harvestella is said to be on 4. November 2022 appear and be offered for the Nintendo Change, along with by means of Heavy steam for the computer.


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Harvestella is as feasible one of the crossover that fans have not understood regarding it so much.

With a team you can after that discover on dungeons as well as battle monsters , since Harvestella likewise offers action-packed gameplay through JRPG aspects . Silentium is the name of the season of fatality , in which the plants terminate as well as no one dares from the house.

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