LOL: How many players are in each range? This is the situation in the middle of season 12

League of Legends season 12 has just arrived at his Ecuador and many have already established what his range will be for this season. While there is still half a year, it is true that many do not play the game again for a few months and their rank barely changes the end of Season. That is why we wanted to investigate thanks to the eSportstal website, which lists month by month the distribution of players according to their classification, know what is the participation of the players in Challenger or the amount of irons that may be.

This is the distribution of LOL players per range in the middle of the season 12

Esportstals offers month by month of the distribution of League of Legends players according to their ranking. This monitoring is especially interesting at the beginning and at the end of the competitive season, to see if the players who run are able to improve statistics. Theoretically, one would have hoped to see a line chart in both directions, with very few very bad players and very few very good players. In general, the trend is present, but there are still enough levels that make the curve much less soft.

In June, here is the distribution of the different players according to their division

  • Iron: 4.7%
  • Bronze: 26%

* Silver: 34%
* Gold: 23%
* Platinum: 9.6%
* Diamond: 1.7%
* Master: 0.17%
* Grand Master: 0.032 %
* Applicants: 0.014%

In general, the vast majority of the players are at bronze-plata-organ levels. Among them, they represent no less than 83% of active players in qualifying games. The notion of high elo is debatable and much discussed. If some believe that it is based on the range Diamond , we can also defend players who are Platinum .

In general, the vast majority of players are at the levels bronze-plata-ro . Among them, they represent no less than the 83% of active players in qualifying games. The notion of high elo is much discussed, since if some believe that it is based on the range Diamond , we can also defend players who are Platinum Seeing the percentages.

The fourth division of each range is the most usual by players

ESPORALS goes a little further in division and we observe that there are level effects between each great division. For those who are new in the system, the main divisions are divided into 4 ranges. The silver division is thus formed by the silver leagues 1, silver 2, silver 3 and silver 4. And in the 4 divisions there are many people… there are so much, that the linearity of the curve is broken. The cases of iron and bronze divisions are a bit special, but in the others it is obvious:

Silver 4 *: 11% of players
gold 4 : 10% of players
Platinum 4 : 4.8% of players
* Diamond 4 : 0.67% of players

This anomaly can be explained for two main reasons:

Specifically, players are protected * once they change division. You can easily go down from 3 to gold 2. On the other hand, to lose its range of gold and return to silver, you must have a severe losing run
* Many players play for fun and once they reach a range, they do not necessarily want to strive. Some will talk about an individualized crystal ceiling for each player, but a significant part of the community wants to become gold to get the appearance of the competitive season. Once they are gold 4, there is no real reason to go higher.

Foto: Riot Games

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